Love Life Benefits for Employees: Why Not?

Life sometimes is taking its toll on us. We know that we cannot deny another day at work even if our love life is at its lowest. I know you’ll agree with us during those times when you can’t get in the zone at work no matter how hard you persist because you have a broken heart that needs more patching.

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Ideasxmachina (IXM), a renowned independent advertising agency in the Philippines, went unconventional as they award their employees this year with the following employee benefit and privileges that we may have all been asking for (well, atleast once in our lives):

  1. Reimbursable date expenses with spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend
  2. Subsidized Tinder and eHarmony accounts
  3. Breakup Leave
  4. Free MTRCB Movie access
  5. IXM to shoulder wedding reception costs

Trust us when we say that some of the enumerated privileges have been claim by some of their employees already!

As per the agency’s CEO, Third Domingo, this move is ultimately for the benefit of the company. Given that the advertising industry is well-known to being love-life-unfriendly, they implemented such benefits to keep the members of their organization more inspired and to live a productive, happy life.

Apart from all these benefits, the company has also been active in several CSR activities solely funded by IXM, according to Domingo. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, they also have free lunch, free fitness training, subsidized medical vaccinations and housing care of the agency to enumerate some of them.

Take note though that even if the so-called “Love Life Benefits” is already on a full throttle, there are still policies in place to avoid abuse. Fair enough for the company, right?

Now, have you prepared your online petition for the “Love Life Benefits” to take effect in your company as well? We sure support you on that!

IXM is a multi-awarded Filipino independent advertising agency that caters to the following brands: Toyota, Pepsi, Philippine Star, and Philippine National Bank to mention a few.


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