Love Gala reveals trophy for upcoming Ripple Awards

The Love Gala Organization unveiled its Ripple Awards Trophy during a press conference held at Kalayaan Hall, SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The trophy was designed by conceptual artist Tokwa Peñaflorida; an HIV and AIDS advocate whose artworks were exhibited during the Charity Pride Night that highlighted HIV and AIDS awareness in Makati City last year.

The organization and Peñaflorida explained the inspiration and meaning behind the Ripple Awards Trophy.

“The Ripple Awards Trophy design was inspired by The Love Gala Organization’s belief that ‘A single person’s act of love can start a ripple that saves millions’.

The artist immortalizes the metaphor of a person taking a step forward to a still lake. The lake begins to move in a rhythmic pattern of positive energy rippling from the person. As they continue to move across the lake, more ripples are created.

The trophy contains seven (7) glass plates that evoke the shape of an aura that releases positive energy. This energy inspires other people to make better choices, and counters the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS.

Ripple Awards Trophy
The artist Tokwa Peñaflorida, holding the esteemed trophy to be awarded in the upcoming Ripple Awards.

The Ripple Awards Trophy symbolizes a unified community of empowered persons, armed with love and compassion. Incredible people that are ready to create positive change in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

10 out of the 20 nominees for the Ripple Awards showed up in the press conference. Sharing their stories about their experience with HIV and AIDS.
 What is the ripple awards and The Love Gala?

The Love Gala is a collaboration of private and public institutions; and youth-oriented organizations to augment efforts in bringing the HIV-AIDS advocacy to a larger mainstream audience.

The first-ever Ripple Awards is a recognition of incredible individuals; whose deeds help promote strength and independence in the advocacy of HIV and AIDS awareness in the country and all over the world. 

Ten of the twenty nominees for the Ripple awards were present in the event. They share their stories about their experiences with HIV and AIDS. Surprisingly, the knowledge about HIV is very low in our country. Some people think of the victim as “unclean” or “tainted, the disease made it bad; but the stigma surrounding it is worse.

This is why these wonderful people fight for change; to spread awareness and eliminate the stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS. For every knowledge gain can cause a ripple of change to our country-one step at a time.

For more information about The Love Gala and the Ripple Awards; go into their Official website or follow their official hashtag #LoveGala on Twitter.

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