when love comes late

Sometimes, we start looking for love at a very young age. We date and date, hoping to find the one. We meet new people, exhaust ourselves in the hopes of being able to finally meet Mr. Right. We go about painting the town red then breaking hearts because it was a mistake only to start the whole journey once again because we feel that we need to find the one at a young age. However, fate sometimes has a different story laid out for you and all you can do is wait.

There has never been a right age to fall in love, get married, and find the one. People really shouldn’t fret about senior dating because at the end of the day, what matters is that you find your one true love. If it happens when you’re well over your 40s, 50s, or 60s, why should you care what people think? At this age, shouldn’t you already have stopped caring what people think and just star doing what you want to do?

Fortunately nowadays, people are more open about dating and there are even older dating online apps available catered especially to the more mature and fine audiences.  We loved the idea that there is a separate group for this because to be dating someone mature would also require maturity, finesse, and absolutely no tolerance anymore for any kind of insecurity and what not.

When older people date, they already know what they want, what they can offer, what they need, and what they can give in exchange. It’s more forthcoming. It’s also far more straightforward and no-nonsense.

If you know anyone who’s starting out on love once again at a much later age, show your support to them by not mocking them and being genuinely interested. After all, regardless of age, it can be quite terrifying to put yourself out there once again. The reality of getting rejected is still strong and real, the possibility of falling in love with someone wrong, the ease of wasting time on someone who will not be there for you in the long run, these are all things that need to be taken into consideration once they start their journey in senior dating.

Now that they are much older, they are no longer as resilient as they used to be and it won’t be easy to bounce back from any form of heartache. Young people have a hard time recovering from heartbreaks and since they have already gone through this at a young age, seniors who date are far wiser now when they choose their mate.

Regardless of age, people just want to fall in love. We want to find that person who will see us through our best and our worst, that person who will hold our hands and never let go, that person who will be there for us when we wake up in the morning and when we sleep at night. If love came too late, it’s okay. At least, even in old age, it finally came.


Kathy Kenny


Digital marketer. Events host. Content writer. Pursuer of dreams. Music, movie, and book lover. Collector of snowglobes, ref magnets, pens, mugs, Care Bears, notebooks, and makeup. Wanderlust. Sapiosexual. Yawyan Advocate.