Love your body: 8 Savvy Ways to Feel Great


Pop stars getting you down? Feeling more like a plump  pumpkin than a supermodel?

Hey, why not give these healthful tips a try? We guarantee you we can transform the goodness you are into healthier, happier and more confident you. It;s not what the others are saying that truly matters; it’s more of how you feel about yourself! Once you feel good about your whole being, everything will follow next and people will start to imbibe such aura later on that they will begin to notie the difference in you. So what are you waiting for? Read up’s eight savvy ways to feel great!

Drink your moo-juice!

Guzzle up on milk for calcium
Guzzle up on milk for calcium

Calcium is super important because it prevents osteoporosis when you’re older. Get at least 1,300 mg (3 to 4 servings) of calcium a day. Not big on milk? Gobble up some low fat yogurt, cottage cheese or calcium-fortified orange. If you’re still not into it, soymilk has the same calcium as milk. 

Eat your fat!

Yes, you're allowed to eat cookies
Yes, you’re allowed to eat cookies

It’s okay to down some chocolate chip cookies–just not the entire bag. Girls needs the fat found in milk products, like cheese, or in carbohydrates, like bagel, sugar-coated doughnuts and English muffins, to be healthy.

Sip some orange

When we say orange juice, it should be freshly squeezed ones and not concentrated ones
When we say orange juice, it should be freshly squeezed ones and not concentrated ones

Even if it’s not cold and flu season, you still need the old Vitamin C. One glass of orange juice a day takes care of your body’s total Vitamin C needs. Juiced out Try tomatoes, red peppers, and broccoli, kiwis, strawberries and cantaloupe.

Break for Breakfast

Toast with fried eggs
Toast with fried eggs

We know, you’re just not hungry first thing in the morning. But eating breakfast has tons of benefits. Ease into a morning meal scheme by drinking a glass of orange or apple juice and eating toast with butter, a fruit or a bowl of cereal or better yet wolf down Pinoy’s favorite morning meal: tapsilog (beef tapa or marinated beef with fried egg and garlic rice). The bonus tip: Studies have shown that students who ate breakfast does better in school than those who skips breakfast, that’s why it’s the most important meal of the day.

 Be a proud vegetarian


Veggie lovers can up their iron intake by sneaking some tomatoes into your bean burrito and add strawberries on fortified cereals. Since the meat you’ve given up is full of protein and Vitamin B 12, add foods with tofu or seitan dairy products. too, Don’t forget your leafy greens for calcium and magnesium!

Don’t leave home without a bottle of water


Ditch the soda and grab some spring water instead. Fruit and cola have upwards of 150 calories per can–they have no nutritional value. Softdrinks or soda dehydrates you because it can replace important salts in your body. If you’re super active, you need more than eight glasses of water a day. Besides, it has a beauty factor too: drinking water can help make your skin clean and clear.

Beware of the food chain attack

chips-1867292_960_720Big Mac for example, carries a whopping 590 calories and 34 grams of fat. If you really insist on fast food, Subway turkey is a good alternative with just 227 calories and 4 grams of fat.

Eat before and after you workout


If you feel sluggish before hitting the field, scarf an energy-boosting bagel or a banana. After the game, chow on some pasta or rice, carbo-load for post workout to replace lost carbs needed by the body. 

With such awesome tips, we’re sure you’ll not only feel great but will also look great! 

Vance Madrid

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