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Louis Xavier Aragon, a real heartthrob and charmer, is one of the country’s up-and-coming singer-songwriters to watch out for! Louis Xavier only discovered his talent by accident when he was studying to be a chef at Enderun Colleges. One day, a piano on display at the school caught his attention and curiosity. He then taught himself how to play it and realized that he can sing too. It dawned upon him that this is where his passion lies, which led him to pursue singing full-time. In 2015 He appeared in Sprite’s Klaro ang diskarte TV Commercial as “Jhunard the Rocker guy”.

In this PsstPh Part of the Story Series, Louis Xavier Aragon talks to us about the music career and his experience in the industry.

Louis Xavier Aragon

Full Name and Alias: Gio E. Aragon (Louis Xavier Aragon)
Instagram: @louisxavier167
Location: Metro Manila
Age: 22
Education: Culinary Arts in Enderun Colleges
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter and Model
Guiding Principle: Be yourself! Never try to be someone else. Don’t fit in and be different.

Tell me something about yourself that people don’t know:  I write a song when i was 18 until now, produce my own music and learn how to use the music production program.

In terms of music how old are you when we really want to be serious about it.
I started to be serious in music when I was 18 and now im 22. That was 18 that i thought myself to focus more on music.

What genre of music you play?
Usually I go for rock but what i’m doing right now electrorock. That I told myself that I fit more on pop music cause I write a catchy songs and my lyrics are very pop.

Speaking of writing a song, what is your first song that you wrote and what your inspiration for that?

The first song that I wrote is really deep its called “Secret Wipes”, its about myself being strong like i can do anything I want, I’m free, that the chorus goes “the secret wipes is exos to all of our crime” its mean that I’m a rebel but a good rebel like I quiet to myself no one can tell that what i can do.

Who are your music inspiration?
My music inspiration usually funk rock bands like from early 2000. Greenday,  Blink 182, Avril Lavigne and then there’s one artist that change my whole point of view in terms of music in Lady Gaga. She’s my inspiration to pop music. Like I learn how to play piano because I got inspire by her when I saw her rocking the playing a piano. Just wow and I wanna play the piano. Before I see pop music as shallow and kinda stupid but Lady Gaga change it all. Like from the lyrics arrange song, the beat and its swallow but its artistic and that’s what am looking for a pop star. That i want to build myself, wanna be a classy pop star.

What was the first show you ever did? And how’s the experience?
Actually im just did a lot of jamming in a lot of artist, when to Hollywood to perform too but my main show is when I open for my veteran musician friend in brewery at the palace. I open for her during the Valentine’s Day. The experience is really good! Never did to sang my original composition but I cover mostly pop songs.

Aside from piano, what instrumental music you play?
I play guitar, drum and bass.

Aside from the genre of music you play, what other genre of music you want?
You know I don’t really care about the genre as long as I like the music and the song. To be honest me, myself as a musician, as an artist I don’t wanna limited myself to one genre and to categorize myself to pop rock or something like that. I don’t wanna be stuck in one genre, I want to be the genre. Like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga or Beyonce they do rap, RnB, dance. You know in depends on that person what genre he like.

Louis Xavier Aragon

What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke? 
Frank Sinatra song like My Way, Lady Gaga – Bad Romance, What else more on new wave songs Beauty and Madness by Fra lippo lippi, Iris by Goo Goo dolls.

Let’s talk about your upcoming albums, how many songs you will put on that?
10 songs. But in that song they have a different sounds but they will categorize as pop.

Another song that i like that you wrote is the “Keep Holding On”, what’s the story about that?
The story about the “Keep Holding On” is basically about children that being bully or experiencing violence. Its like i wrote that song for the children to comfort. And that line that “keep holding on” will be alright.

How long you wrote that song?
You know that song just pop on my head, the chorus 5 minutes and then the verses 10 mins so overall like 15 to 20 mins.

What the best time to wrote a song for you?
For me i don’t force myself to write a song it just come out and wherever I go I don’t care about the environment, the feelings. As long as the melody and the lyrics pop up in my head.

Who do you want to collaborate with?
I like to collaborate with a rock band international. Like transitioning to pop. Open also to any pop star as long as I like your music. But for now I really really like to collaborate with Sia, the one who wrote the Diamond by Rihanna. The reason why I wanna collaborate with her is because we have that similarity in writing a music and there’s a lot of emotions, catchy and her voice are powerful same as my voice.
Louis Xavier Aragon 1

Considering how tough the music industry, what does it take to excel in the business? 
I’m very unique because of my songs, my look and push it to the limit. I’m not like Justin Bieber that boy next door type. I’m very character and also i don’t follow the trend.

Your goal from 5 years from now?
I see myself from 5 years from now am doing a lot of concerts and music videos in international and a successful person who participating the advocacy and charity like going to Africa to held a fund raising concert for the refugees, for the out of school youth, support LGBT community. I’m very advocate person especially to mental health awareness.  Especially here in the Philippines because here in they not really acknowledge and I want to inspire.

What’s the best advice would you give to those who might want to join the music industry?
Be original! Because here in the Philippines a lot of copycats.

What legacy you will leave on?
I just want to be known as an Icon. To be different and unique. Also, I wanna be someone who’s not shallow. Because I know have a lot more to offer.

On June 20, reminiscing the World Refugee Day about struggles, heartbreaks, perseverance and survival of humanity, this song ‘Keep Holding On’ is dedicated to commemorate our fellowmen around the globe.

Here the music and lyric that Louis Xavier created for the World Refugee Day.

Here’s a teaser of “Explode” single, one of the songs included on the album.

Photos of Louis Xavier from Memo Photography Studio

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