Look Great with Sweet Pastels Makeup


The latest makeup is ultra pretty but still packs a punch. The pastel colors are as sweet as ever but have new energy. There’s a dose of vibrancy that gives hues a fresh update and makes them so easy for anyone to pull off. PSST.ph will show you how. Read on….

Glossy pink lips

A gorgeous fruity tinted mouth is the simplest way to begin your foray into electric pastels. Just two things to keep in mind: One, you want the lip color you choose to have warm undertones, which help create a sun-kissed spring look that won’t wash you out (and that plays nicely on bronzed skin and light eye makeup). Two, it needs to be shiny. “A glossy finish guarantees that your lips won’t look too chalky, dry, or flat,” says James Cooper, the first Filipino recognized makeup artist to Hollywood stars like Farrah Fawcett. To maximize both color and shine, cover your lips in foundation to mute the color, then swipe some lip pencil all over them. Next, add a layer of lip gloss. If you already have a shiny lip gloss or shimmer in your eye shadow, then balance it with a matte foundation. You’ll look barefaced and because the foundation doesn’t reflect light, it won’t draw attention to imperfections.


Rosy Highlighted Skin

Swirl a large fluffy brush and dust across your cheeks and chin and down on your nose. A powdery blend of several pastels casts the healthiest most gorgeous glow on your complexion. “It mimics the multiple undertones of your skin, so it looks natural.”

pastel makeup shades

Look stunning on dark skin tones but also have enough pigment in them to complement pale skin. If you want to make them pop a bit more, wet your finger, glide it across the shadow, then swipe it onto your lids. Use your fingers instead of a brush, the result appears more effortless and sporty that way. Also apply the shadow to your eyelid only below the crease. Leaving your browbone bare ensures that your look is modern. Lemonade eye shadow looks especially gorgeous on dark complexions.

You can also sweep a bit of the color beneath your eyes for more drama. Then, to add definition without weighing down your look too much, skip the black liner and instead line the inner rims of your eyes with a taupe pencil. Finish by swiping on black mascara. The contrast will make your lashes look their longest.


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