How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

There are days when you feel that you are at your worst. Your eyes are puffy. Your skin is very dry and pale. Your face seems to have breakouts everywhere.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Like you, even famous celebrities, super models, TV personalities, high ranking government officials, and rich people experience a bad day. Fret not because it’s easy to address. The following tips are the best solutions to solve the unwanted bad day situations:

Moisturize and Hydrate!

When your skin is very dry, looks old and less plump, it is an indication of dehydration. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. Apply a hydrating moisturizer to make it supple, moisturized, silky, and look young.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Don’t overdo it!

Never apply too much makeup to hide your bad day issues. It’s best to skip a full makeup application. Just apply tinted moisturizer on your face, dab concealer on dark spots, put the most flattering blush on your cheeks, and wear your favorite sheer lipstick or lip gloss that matches your lip color. Add a hint of  pinkish shade on your cheeks and lips for a younger look.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Choose the right shades.

Avoid putting too much eye makeup especially dark shades of eye shadow and eyeliner. These can make your eyes look more tired and dark. Lighter shades applied on your lids are highly recommended. Curl your lashes and apply mascara on the top to open up your eyes. Refrain from putting mascara on your lower lashes. It adds to making your under eyes look darker.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Fake it.

Pale skin can make you look sick. Apply a light coat of self-tanner or bronzer and top it with a pinkish blush to fake it.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Hide imperfections.

If you have sunburn from head to toe, a cool shower and cold compress can help. A light application of lotion and tinted moisturizer can hide the redness. Never wear a bold lip color like red, hot pink, orange, or violet. Use brown or bronze-base lip color instead.

Cover dark under eyes, blemish, and even bruises with concealer or foundation. Blend it lightly to avoid a cakey finish.

A pair of dark eyeglasses is your best friend in hiding your puffy eyes and dark under eyes. Keep it always handy.

How to Look Beautiful on a Bad Day

Dress to impress.

Wear your best outfit and spritz your favorite refreshing cologne or perfume for a quick “pick-me-up” feeling.

Doing these tips can turn your day from bad to good and even best.

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