So long, fam: Orbos says MMDA will always be special to him

Inter-agency Council for Traffic (i-ACT) head Tim Orbos has bid farewell to his Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) family even as he took on his new role in the Department of Transportation (DOTr).
Orbos, who served as the MMDA General Manager and Officer in Charge for about a year, will now focus on being DoTr’s Undersecretary for Roads. His task revolves around addressing traffic concerns and coordinating between transportation agencies and local government units.
The DOTr official expressed his gratefulness to MMDA which, according to him, is very close to his heart.
“MMDA will always be a part of who I am and I am thankful for being part of an agency, which, despite being underequipped, remains dedicated to serving Metro Manila,” Orbos said.  “It is truly an honor to have worked and served with the people here at MMDA, from the directors to the laborers, who all take their jobs seriously, with their hearts to it.”
“I am glad that I am back on the roads as Undersecretary for the road sector,” he added.
Under the previous administration, Orbos served as the MMDA’s Assistant General Manager for Planning and eventually took over the reins as the agency’s officer-in-charge after being appointed by President Duterte as MMDA General Manager.
He led the agency for eight months until the current chairman, Danilo Lim, was appointed May last year and the responsibility of traffic management was given to the new MMDA appointees.
Orbos further assured that despite him leaving the MMDA, concerns regarding traffic especially in the Metro will still be properly addressed through proper coordination and stronger cooperation among agencies thru iACT.
During his stint at the MMDA, Orbos, with the concurrence of the Metro Manila Council,  introduced and implemented a handful of policies like the no window hour, expanded number coding, and light trucks ban – all to ease the traffic flow in Metro Manila.
Orbos was replaced by Jojo Garcia, who also served as MMDA’s Assistant General for Planning.
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