Listen to Your Guy


Communication is important in any relationship. It is the very foundation that supports everything. Without it, your relationship will crumble easily.

As we all know, communication consists of several parts but the two most important are talking and listening. One must listen while the other speaks. But most often, we forget to do this. We become selfish and think of only our side and disregard the feelings of the other person. This is where communication gap starts to occur which results in a chain of problems.

To remedy this, you must learn to give each other a chance to talk. Voicing out your sentiments is easy once you’re given a chance. But this is not the only thing that matters. Listening is also equally important as talking. One cannot function without the other, like shoes that work in pairs. You must do both accordingly. gives you some tips on how you can listen more effectively to your guy:

Stop Talking

If you want to listen to your guy 100 percent then you have to learn to keep your mouth shut until it’s your turn to talk. This will not just make your communication smoother but it will serve as a starter for the other beneficial things that will follow.

Put your guy at ease

Show him that you’re available and make him feel comfortable. Establish a friendly atmosphere s that he’ll be encouraged to talk.

Show him that you want to listen

Look interested and focus your attention on him. When your guy sees your eagerness to listen, he’ll be more encouraged to talk.

Remove any distraction

Don’t do other things while you’re talking with him. What you’re discussing is important and needs your full attention. You can shut the door so the two of you can talk in private.

Emphatize with your guy

Consider the other person’s side. His opinion matters as much as yours. Try to see things his way so you’ll understand better what he’s saying. Retelling a similar experience can also be helpful so your guy will realize that what’s happening to you is just normal and you can solve it.

Be patient.

Allow plenty of time and don’t interrupt while he’s talking. Do not speed things up. You won’t achieve anything if you take things hastily.

Hold your temper

Think first before you say anything. Letting your anger take over won’t give any positive results.

Go easy on arguments and criticisms

Arguing or criticizing your guy will only lead to a heated debate. Avoid this kind of approach. Talk to him in a calm, relaxed tone.

Ask relevant questions

This will prove that you’re really listening and encourage him more to voice other sentiments.

Stop talking

This also serves as last tip because all others depend on it, if you can’t do this you won’t achieve anything.

Vance Madrid

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