Lipstick 101: The Ultimate Guide to Lipstick


Love lipstick? Who doesn’t? Let this ultimate guide help you find the right finish, discover the perfect shade, and learn to take care of your puckers. will show you how. Read on…


With the advent of lipstick mania, over a dozen types now exist, but they are all anchored on three basic finishes namely: Matte, Creme and Satin.

Matte is highly pigmented because it reflects light an makes color appear more vibrant.  Matte lipsticks are best used with lip moisturizer beforehand because it’s drying and can be difficult to put on.

Creme is highly pigmented but contains more wax that protects the lips from flaking. It is best used with lip pencil to prevent smudging around the lip edges. 

Satin is semi-transparent and contains only a bit of color but it has more oils that lock in moisture. It is best used with a light-colored creme lipstick underneath.

A classic red lipstick color is both provocative and sophisticated. The red lip takes courage to sport. When a color is backed up by decades of celebrity wear, psych research (studies show that red is the most powerful lip color), the reactions of strangers on the street, there’s practically no need to persuade anyone in getting that tube of red lippies. However, getting the right red shade can be tricky. Yes, it is. But the only way to know if it suits you is actually trying it on. Cool reds, or those with bluish undertones, are ideal for those with fair skin. Warm shades with orange undertones fare well with olive skin tones or those who tan easily. 

If colors were people, pink would be the girl everyone is friends with, Aside from the fact that even the meekest can wear pink, its ability to change from soft and feminine to cool girl status is the pink lipstick’s X-factor. Pink lipstick is so versatile that you can wear it on an ordinary day and during special occasions. 

If pink isn’t your fave shade, you may take off excess pigment inside your lips before placing one finger around lips and gliding finger through it. To keep lips from bleeding, apply lip liner around the lips before putting on lipstick. Make sure lip liner is the same shade as the lipstick. 

The art of lipstick application is tricky–making it stay long is even trickier., but it’s not impossible. Line your way to perfect puckers with these simple tricks.


Designed to improve the lasting power of lipstick, primer works by smoothening the surface. It’s not oily like lip balm, but it will make your lips supple for easy application.  


Besides hiding blemishes, concealer can double as a lipstick base. You can even use it to alter the shape of your lips by sculpting around the edges. Concealer as lips base works best with highly pigmented lipstick. Apply sparingly when using pale shades as concealer can make the color look muddy. 

Lip Brush

Applying lipstick directly off the bullet can get messy. Opt for a lip brush for more control and definition. 

Lip Liner

Trace the edges of your lips with lip liner before smearing on lipstick. This will prevent the color from feathering and bleeding out. If you’re going for more definition, re-trace the edges with a slightly darker shade after applying lipstick. 

The inexpensive answer to plump lips is to rub it gently with a damp hot towel. The heat will not only slough off chapped skin but also make lips appear full.


Tender Loving Lip Care

Before you swipe on the perfect lippie to start our day, make sure your lips are well taken care of at night, Lipstick works best with smooth and supple, so do away with cracked and chapped. 

  1. Exfoliate with a gentle lip scrub ever other day. Most lip scrubs are made with granules that are powdery enough for safe and frequent usage. 
  2. Restore your lips’ nutrients b applying lip balm. Balms are medicated and can repair the damage inflicted b dirt and dryness. 
  3. Moisturize by using lip butter. Unlike balms, butters are thicker and can hold in more moisture. 

Must-try lips for 2017:

Gradient lips–A popular style among KPop stars, gradient lips have become a big beauty hit since Hallyu actresses appeared on cam looking like they had berry popsicles. That just-bitten look makes mouth look smaller, putting the spotlight in the eyes. You can try this style by using two or more layers of different lipstick hues. Dot the center of lips with your choice of lip stain. Dab with ring finger to spread the color of lips, blend to make the color gradiation. 

Two-Toned lips–Use a bright shade on the upper lip and a different shade on the lower (usually lighter shade).

Barely there–Blurry lip outline. The kind of makeup no makeup look.

 Coco Chanel once said, “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.” So make sure you get the right colors based on your skin tone. After you’ve fully applied your lipstick, lightly blot your lips with a tissue for a polished, even look, this will also lessen the chance of you getting lipstick all over your teeth!

Be sure to have your lipstick on hand for any midday (or night) touch-ups! We do hope you find these tips helpful. Lastly, do not forget to smile. 


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