Light up your life with Philips

One of the things that brings us comfort in life is light. We can see better and do a lot of things with light even if it’s late at night. In fact, one of the things we usually take for granted is light because it’s just there. It’s always been there for most of us.

However, using the wrong light can actually do us more harm than anything else. Using the wrong light can actually make things harder on us which is why you’d see some people squinting or peering at what they are looking at.

Philips has an answer to that. Through its EyeComfort campaign, it aims to provide brighter lighting, without compromising comfort, delivering an optimum illumination experience.


Philips Lighting has unveiled the SceneSwitch range of LED bulbs. Its unique color-changing and 3-step brightness feature makes it perfect for task-lighting and ambient lighting in the household without compromising your electricity bill. It also works with your regular existing switches, which means you need not rewire at all.

This was actually a concern since no one really wants to do rewiring of any sort because aside from the inconvenience, it could be damaging and even a possible fire hazard. With the SceneSwitch LED bulbs, all you need to do to change the brightness is to turn the light on and off and it goes form one level of brightness to the next.

They also come in different colors and since it is Christmas season, we tried the red and green lights to add more festivity. What makes these lights a great option is also the fact that as bright as it is, the kilowatt usage is actually pretty low compared to most bulbs that have the same brightness. Lower kilowatt means lower power consumption.

A lot of people look at quality when it comes to buying light bulbs and we can definitely say that Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs, quality is top notch. It is also long lasting, has low consumption, and gives you a lot of options to choose from. We definitely recommend this for office use, at home, in your study, or even inside restaurants that want to go from bright for parties or luncheons to dim for bar settings and intimate dinners in a snap.

The Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs gives you all these options and more at a price that is fair and in the long run, will save you money because it will last long and it will not harm your eyes. If you are looking for lightbulbs, make Philips SceneSwitch LED bulbs your number one choice.


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