Lessons to learn from Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror is a television series that takes place in the near future. The series talks about the twisted and terrifying world of technology and how these innovations bring out the worst in us. For a series known for its great writing, WTF moments, and sense of dread; the series received critical acclaim. Now that season four has arrived, there are many lessons to be learned from the sci-fi series. (spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen the first two episodes of Black Mirror Season 4)

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Empowerment means strengthening one’s self-authority. That authority, however, can be abused into something nefarious, just like what happened to Robert Duly in this season’s episode 1 “USS Callister”.

Duly was a meek and quiet coder who was treated like an outcast by his officemates. Boiling with rage and with his inability to express himself; he has stolen his coworkers’ DNA and imprints into his game; abusing them for his sick sense of authority. This can be applied to everyone who has been battered by a bully, or an abusive person. The build-up of frustration can eat them up and the only way to vent is to abuse another helpless soul online or indirectly.

Empowering one’s self can be invigorating if not in excess, but there is a thin line between feeling strong to abusing one’s power.


Image from Netflix.com
Image from Netflix.com

Letting Go

Being a mother can be tough, especially when raising a child. But there are times when a mother must trust their child to grow and experience the world in a healthy growing environment. That does not apply to Marie however as she uses the Arkangel implant to monitor her child’s daily life and ultimately controls everything on how her child sees the world. Every relationship builds on trust, the kind where a loved one believes in their child’s wellbeing, no matter how scary it is.



The first two episodes of season four have very different lessons, but the most common lesson in both these episodes is control. It specifically tackles how a person chooses to deal with it or how they choose to break from it. The reason both Duly and Marie suffered their fate is because they are obsessed with their sense of control, like how Duly was toying with the lives of his space fleet and how Marie was controlling how her child sees the world. There will be times when things get out of hand; it is how we handle these curve balls that makes us stronger people.

Black Mirror Season 4 is available to binge-watch in Netflix, with more episodes coming soon.




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