Leann’s Tea House : Neighborhood Korean Restaurant

Leann’s Tea House is a neighborhood Korean restaurant that opened their door about a year ago . The three-story restaurant is located along Mother Ignacia street , Diliman , Quezon City . Leann’s Tea House is near ABS-CBN channel 2 , Pinoy Big Brother’s House, Saint Paul the Apostle Church, Saint Mary’s College and a popular supermarket chain.

The restaurant had a sitting capacity of between 40 to 50 people at any given time . The third floor is a special function area which can accommodate about 50 people .

leann’s tea house appetizer

The restaurant is partnership between two families (Korean and Chinese) joined together by marriage using the healthy and tasty recipes of the Korean family. The restaurant was named after the niece of the proprietor.  Leann’s Tea House had been active in social media sites and at ZomatoPH review site .

The restaurant had served four kinds of appetizer dishes  Kimchi ( fermented cabbage ) , Kong Namul ( mung bean sprouts with carrots and onion leaves), Potato Salad and Lettuce Salad ( lettuce leaves with sliced cucumbers, chopped onions,  sprinkled with sesame seeds.

seafood pancak
seafood pancake

Among the best sellers are  Hamemul Jeon/ Seafood pancake  with generous batter mixture of scallops , squid , shrimps , carrots , mung bean sprouts, beaten eggs, onion leeks leaves, chopped onions with dipping sauce. Php 300 per order ( Ideal for 3 to 4 people sharing )

Leann's Tea House - Kimchi Fries
Leann’s Tea House – Kimchi Fries

Kimchi Fries is fried potatoes with bulgogi , kimchi and topped with cheese, chopped onions and spring onion leaves. Php 180 ( Ideal for sharing )

Leann's Tea House
Leann’s Tea House ( photo provided by Leann’s Tea House )

Some of the in house specialties includes Kimchi Rice  has a bright, sunny side egg on top , the reddish colored rice is due to the kimchi added to the mix . P180 per order and the Omurice (P180) is a Japanese inspired dish has spam cubes mixed into wrap with fresh lettuce leaves .  Kimchi Soup is also an interesting sour and spicy with kimchi , pork and tofu. Php 340 per order ( Ideal for sharing )

Smoothies, Ice Tea and Specialty Cocktails

The restaurant also had a good selection of smoothies , ice tea and specialty cocktails . The ingredients are freshly made from fruits and imported Korean tea leaves.  The tea house is proud of their own brew and cocktail mix . The in-house complimentary tea is also a good treat .

smoothies and ice tea

Acapulco Breeze is a combination of mangoes, honey , bananas, vanilla and delicately blended to create a perfect summer blend Php 140 per order.

Tropical Four Season with combination of mangoes , watermelon, fresh orange and pineapple . Php 120 per order.

Catalina Sunrise is a combination of strawberry , mangoes and banana creating a heavenly taste . Php 110 per order.

Iced Dolong Tea (  Christmas design themed mason jar )  Php 120 per order.

In -House Promotion 


For those who are planning to dine -in at the restaurant , you can get t a free Buchaesal (top blade steak) for every 2 people who order unlimited samgyeopsal and woosamgyeop! (Pork and belly belly)

Customers may choose from either Spicy Buchaesal or Sweet soysauce buchaesal. Promo period is from Dec 1-31, 2016. 

Address : 105-R Mother Ignacia St, Diliman, Quezon City

Contact (02) 411 8902
Operations Everyday – 11:00am to 2:00pm , 6:00pm to 10:00pm 
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