What leads kids to Success?

In the olden days, the belief was that if a child has high IQ, he will be more than likely successful. After all, being top of the class guarantees that you will be on top of life and leading the rat race.

Does it?

Nowadays, studies have shown that not all kids who have high IQ actually succeed in life. In fact, studies have proven that kids with higher EQ do better in life and in work compared to those who only have high IQ.

Today, more and more Filipino moms are engaging their kids in activities that can help develop their EQ long before they even enter playschool. Unlike in previous years when child rearing was heavily focused on congnitive intelligence, millenial moms are now more conscious of the importance of developing a child’s emotional intelligence as well.

This is strongly supported by the results of the first ever survey on Moms across Southeast Asia commissioned by Mead Johnson Nutrition. This survey sough to understand the concerns and hopes that these parents in the region have for their children. After all, all parents just want what is best for their children.


Filipino moms also ranked high EQ-associated traits, deeming these as important for their children’s success. Topping the list of their child’s ability to adapt to any situation with 65%, while empathy ranked least important with 13%.

True to it’s thrust as a partner in child development, leading pediatric nutrition innovator Mead Johnson Nutrition recently launched it’s biggest breakthrough since DHA, the reformulation that includes MFGM Pro or milk fat globule membrane in it’s milk for children Enfagrow A+ Four.

By providing an enabling environment for learning and exploration, partnered with proper nutrition in Enfagrow A+ Four enriched with MFGM and DHA, parents can help in the development of the IQ and EQ of their children.


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