Lazada delivers security and convenience with COD


There was a time when buying gadgets, appliances, and other goods meant taking a jeepney ride to the nearest mall. Lazada’s entry into the Philippine market in 2012 helped familiarize Filipinos to cash on delivery (COD) for online shopping, as well as the convenience and other perks that this payment option offers.

Here are five reasons to love Lazada’s COD option:

No CCs? No problem.

If you’re an average salary earner without a bulky bank account, getting your credit card application approved can be as hard as winning a major lottery. COD means being able to enjoy the perks of online shopping even without a “magic” card to your name.

It’s all about your security. Online shopping comes with a number of risks, among which is the possibility that your purchase may not reach you at all. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of bank transfers and cashless transactions, which require you to pay in advance. In the end, you may end up spending good money for nothing. COD obliges you to pay once you have actually received your goods. You get to steer clear of fraud, too, as the option does not require your credit or debit card details.

Save up on your purchase. Some credit or debit cards charge extra every time you use them for online shopping. COD only charges you for shipping costs, but even these can be waived. Lazada delivers for free if your purchase exceeds Php1000 or if you live within Metro Manila.

Here’s a tip: if your purchase costs less than a thousand, you can ask your friends if they want anything from Lazada. You can then combine your orders and qualify for free delivery once you meet the required purchase cost.

Get your purchase quicker.

Opting for COD means the seller doesn’t have to bother with credit card details or bank transactions. Your order is processed faster and may be delivered to you within a day or two.

Stay away from traffic. If you live in the city, you know very well how awful the traffic situation can be. Sometimes, just going to your favorite mall means getting stuck on the road and riding an ordinary bus or jeepney only makes the experience worse. Taking advantage of Lazada’s COD option means obtaining the products you want in a few clicks at the comfort of your own home, away from the traffic, heat, and boredom. Talk about saving time.

The future of COD

Cashless payments, such as electronic money, have been gaining ground in the Philippines in the last couple of years, thanks in part to the growing presence of e-commerce sites. Does this mean that COD is on the road to obsolescence? Not really.

Delivery service provider Transportify says that around 80 percent of online buyers prefer COD over other payment methods. While logistics and the lack of variety in online payment options play a role, the issue of trust remains a major factor, with many shoppers fearing the possibility of getting conned after making their payment.

Lazada’s COD option is a win, especially for the average Filipino online shopper. If you value security and convenience, then it definitely is the way to shop. Thankfully, it might just be here to stay and serve your shopping needs. How do you like using COD for your Lazada purchases? Tell us in the comments.


RJ Yodico

RJ Yodico is the content producer for PSST! PH's digital sales and marketing team.