Late night karaoke no more?

Does this mean goodbye soon to noisy, videoke-crazed neighbors?
The House Committee on Public Order and Safety began on Tuesday, March 14 deliberations on a measure that seeks to outlaw videoke singing in residential areas from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Quezon Representative Angelina “Helen” Tan, a medical doctor by profession, sought the approval of her House Bill (HB) No. 1035 to address the problem of noise pollution in residential areas.

“One major source of noise among residential areas in the country is caused by the use of videoke/karaoke systems. Everywhere in the Philippines, many local residents or groups are accustomed in utilizing public streets or road sides to gain wider area for a private activity or function, often making use of videoke/karaoke systems, amplified audio devices sheltered on collapsible tents as form of amusement, recreation or for private audience,” said Tan in her bill’s explanatory note.

The measure provides for the imposition of a P1,000-fine, or a jail term of six months, or both, on violators.

Tan underscored the need to regulate the use of videoke or karaoke systems and other amplifying systems that cause unnecessary disturbance to the public, especially within the residential areas.

The doctor-slash-congresswoman explained that noise interferes with sleep, negatively impacts certain kinds of work, and can promote high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems as well as nervous disorders.

“HB No. 1035, may I respectfully submit, is a proposal that prevents environmental noise that perniciously affects the health and safety of the people. It is a novel measure in so far as it is now being proposed at the level of national legislation,” said Tan in her sponsorship speech before the panel.

For commercial establishments that are repeat violators to the provisions of the Act, Tan said both penalties shall apply in addition to the revocation of the license to operate a business.

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