Last minute Christmas gift Ideas

Christmas isn’t over yet. The holiday season doesn’t officially end until the 12th day of Christmas. This is the day of the Feast of the Epiphany or commonly known as The Three Kings.  Thus, we still have until January 6 to give gifts and share the love.  If you are a little worried and clueless about what to give, shares a few tips.

Last minute gift-giving Ideas
Last minute gift-giving Ideas

Give something personalized

Give something that the person may use to further enjoy his hobby.  Or give something that would compliment his personality.   A new paintbrush and a new set of watercolor are a good idea.  Or if he loves bullet journalizing, you may opt to give him one nice journal.  Include some colorful pens, too.

Give something humorous

You may also opt to give the gift of laughter.  Statements shirts and mugs with humorous and witty lines are always a refreshing gift.

Give memories and moments

If you have no time to shop and brave the traffic, how about just visit the person at home.  Or dine with him. The gift of your presence and time is perhaps the best you could give.  Book for a staycation or an out-of-town vacation may also do.

Give yourself

Another beautiful gift you could give is your talent.  Perhaps make a portrait or a nice drawing to friends and some of your relatives.  A framed calligraphy art is also something unique yet valuable.   Baked goods aren’t bad as well.

Last minute gift-giving Ideas
Last minute gift-giving Ideas

Give back

Nothing beats sharing your blessings with others.  Give back especially to the less fortunate and surely more blessings will come your way.

Give yourself a gift, too

Do not forget to treat yourself as well. Buy something you very much love.  You deserve something beautiful, too, for braving that roller coaster ride called life.

Christmas gift ideas

Giving a gift needs not be too expensive in value.  Cliche yet true, it’s the thought that counts.  The best gift is still what you give freely and whole-heartedly.

Last minute gift-giving Ideas
Last minute gift-giving Ideas

So still no gift to your parents or loved ones? Perhaps make use of that talent in composing a poem or a song.  Write one and sing it to them.

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