La Barra at Tableria Food Park

Food parks are sprouting like mushrooms in the city. If you’ve been to one then probably you would think you have been to all, especially with the kind of food they serve. One that makes you think, do they follow a universal theme in what food to serve? And seldom do you see a stall serving authentic Spanish cuisine.

At Tableria Food Park located in Marikina, just a stone’s throw away from the Shoe Museum, you will be happy to find a stall serving authentic Spanish cuisines. One of the pioneer stalls inside the food park, La Barra serves authentic Paella, Gambas, and Cream Catalan.


Established by two friends Jose Mari Javier and Jonathan Mark Ngo, they created La Barra to test the waters, so to speak, of serving Spanish cuisine in a food park. The past two months showed that food-park goers especially groups of friends and families dig the authentic paella they served.

There are three kinds of paella in their menu; Paella Pollo (with chicken and chorizo), Paella Negra (cooked in squid ink with mussels, squid and shrimp) and the Paella Valenciana (with mixed seafood, chicken and pork).

official labarramnl
official labarramnl

They also served Croquetas, Gambas, Salpicao, Mejillones Gratinados (baked mussels with cheese and Spanish spices), Pork Adobar, and Cream Catalan among others.

The popular dishes are the Paella Valenciana and the to-die-for Paella Negra. You definitely must try the Gambas where the succulent shrimps mixed well with the olive oil and tiny bits of chorizos. It is like merging the flavors of the earth and sea.



The Croquetas is out of this world because it is not made with potatoes but with béchamel! Yes, the French sauce that is made from flour, milk, butter and salt. Dipped it with the salsa made from a secret recipe and it sure is a heavenly combination.


The Cream Catalan is so creamy but not so sweet. The glassy caramel topping is a dessert in itself.


These are just some of the foods we’ve tried but we’re already filled with satisfaction. So come visit La Barra located at the Tableria Food Park. The food park is open from 4pm onwards.

To know more about La Barra, visit its Facebook and Instagram at LABARRAMNL

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