Kojie.San honors your other Mom

A mother is not just the woman who gave birth to you. A mother comes in different forms and faces. A mother can easily pertain to different kinds of motherly figures and anyone can be a Mom even without ever giving birth.

The Doting Tita

She may make you cringe when she asks “Bakit di ka pumapayat?” or “May boyfriend ka na ba?” but our Titas actually make for great second Moms by providing guidance in so many ways. Most of the time, we can tell our Tita something we would never tell our parents.

The Mother Hen

There is always that one person in the group who acts like the Mom. She reminds everyone of the itinerary, tells everyone to message her when they get home and tries as much as possible to keep the peace in the group. She is also the shoulder to cry on and check on everyone about everything.

The Lady Boss

She is the self-made woman whom ou strive to become in the next few years. She’s the one you wish would take you under her wings and teach you the different tricks of the trade. She is the one who’s fierce outlook in life and relentless dedication is what you use to fuel your drive to pursue your full potential.

What makes all these mother types amazing is the fact that they seem to have ageless beauty. They manage to look young, look elegant, and are all successful in what they want to accomplish. You too can have this by applying the pre-sleep Breathe, Enrich, and Dream Ritual or what is commonly known as B.E.D. Ritual. This lets you harness a lot of skin rejuvenating power of sleep and the youth regenerating active ingredients of Kojie.San’s Dream White anti-aging skin care line.


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3 steps to B.E.D

  1. Breathe – Relax in a quiet and comfortable spot in the bedroom then proceed to cleanse and let the skin breathe by washing the face with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Soap. Afterwards, rehydrate, whiten, and nourish with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Facial Toner with Collagen.
  2. Enrich – Revitalize the face and neck with the DreamWhite Anti-Aging Overnight Cream before going to bed.
  3. Dream – Unplug from the world, turn off the lights, and tune out distractions to focus on recharging the mind and body with a restful sleep.

The kojie.san DreamWhite B.E.D. ritual doesn’t end when women wake up. It continues on and with the DreamWhite Blemish Correcting Cream which is best used on both day and night to ensure that skin imperfections are reduced and dark facial spots are lightened.

Start putting aging to bed with kojie.san Dream White and B.E.D. Ritual today.

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