What you should know about Pru Life UK’s myDNA Pro Bundle

Many Filipinos has been advocating for a healthier lifestyle for years now. And part of this is their search for a better health management that would back them up in the years to come.

Pru Life UK, one of the top five life insurers in the country has been providing Filipinos with unique and innovative product has come up with a lineup of high quality protection and investment solutions to help them establish healthier lifestyles.

PRU CEO Jumbing De Rosas
PRU CEO Jumbing De Rosas

Last April 19, 2018, Pru Life UK, in a grand launch that was held at Crowne Plaza introduced the first of its kind in the Philippines’ life insurance industry, a new way for Filipinos to take advantage of life and wealth protection thru their one product – the myDNA Pro Bundle. It also coincides with the introduction of Kapaymila actress Liza Soberano as Pru Life UK’s newest brand ambassador.


In the launch which emphasized the importance of diet and fitness, Pru Life UK presented the myDNA Pro Bundle as combination to Pru Life UK’s insuravest, or investment-linked life insurance solutions. With the myDNA Pro program, it provides tailored diet and fitness recommendations on reducing health risks based on an individual’s DNA.

At the launch, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Pru Life UK Alan Tumbaga  shared, “Pru Life UK is committed to listening to and understanding the needs of individuals and families across the Philippines. Through myDNA Pro, Pru Life UK provides Filipinos with a unique and innovative product to help them establish healthier lifestyles. Combined with our lineup of high quality protection and investment solutions, we believe myDNA Pro Bundle offers customers a holistic package covering life and wealth protection as well as health management.”

PRU CMO Allan Tumbaga
PRU CMO Allan Tumbaga

In a nutshell, the myDNA Pro which is developed by Hong Kong-based genetics testing company Prenetics Limited, generates a comprehensive DNA report to help identify and reduce the “three highs” of health risks which is the type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These are among the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines.

The benefits to be gain by customers with myDNA Pro is to give them access to a nutrigenomics report which explains the way a person responds to food and nutrients based on his genetic make-up. This can be done by them providing saliva swab sample for DNA testing.

Customers will also benefit from a free 12-month exclusive access to the myDNA Pro mobile application where they will be taken on a health and wellness journey via its many features, including a 16-week lifestyle intervention program, support from an on-call health coach, a photo food diary, customized exercise videos, as well as an assessment on their daily diets.

Life and wealth protection with Pru Life UK’s insuravest

To enjoy the life and wealth protection component of myDNA Pro Bundle, customers can choose among the three of Pru Life UK’s insuravest products:

Breadwinners Customers

Breadwinners who want a comprehensive insurance plan may choose PRUlink assurance account plus myDNA Pro Bundleat an affordable minimum total annual premium of PhP 70,000 or USD 1,400.

Budget-Conscious Customers

For the budget conscious, PRUlink exact protector myDNA Pro Bundle will allow them to have insurance coverage and accumulate wealth while paying a minimum total annual premium of PhP 70,000 or USD 1,4004 for a limited time of 5, 7, 10 or 15 years only.

Savvy Investors

Savvier investors can take advantage of PRUlink elite protector myDNA Pro Bundle at a minimum total annual premium of PhP 75,000 or USD 1,7004 for a limited time of 5,7, 10 and 15 years. The plan combines offers a higher insurance coverage with an elevated commitment of investment amount so as to deliver better returns.

These bundles include additional benefits against the debilitating financial impact of accidents, hospitalization, and critical illnesses. These are Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit, Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability Benefit, Waiver of Premium due to Total and Permanent Disability, Daily Hospital Income Benefit, and Life Care Plus

To find out more about Pru Life UK’s myDNA Pro Bundle, visit http://www.prulifeuk.com.ph/mydnapro.


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