What Kind of Travel Buddy Are You? You’ll Find This Funny and True

Traveling with friends is so much fun and yet very stressful to organize especially if you are a bunch of diverse personalities. Keeping sane (and the friendship) during the trip is a challenge.  Here’s a list of different kind of travel personalities and I’m sure you can identify what kind of travel buddy best describes you.

The Organizer

Travel Buddy

Travel plans will remain a plan unless the organizer friend steps in. Relax because the organizer makes sure every detail of the trip has been taken cared of. All you have to do is show up on the day of the trip.

The Know-It-All

The know-it-all has an opinion on almost everything. I mean everything. This friend  always have something to say about the airline, the weather, the culture, the food, the ants and even an explanation about the Bermuda Triangle (which is not part of the trip itinerary).

The Photographer

travel buddy

The photographer has the latest and most sophisticated gadget. This friend is very reliable in capturing “picture-perfect” moments during the trip. You will seldom find the photographer in the group photo. The photographer also has the most horrible photos of self taken by the not-so-photographer friends.

The Whiner

travel buddy

The whiner has an issue on every single thing that doesn’t conform to his expectations. He wants the pancakes a perfect circle, the sunny side up cooked like the way he does it, the bed mattress not too soft and not too hard. Even the patches of clouds are to be blamed because he expects a sunny day at the beach.

The Alcoholic

travel buddy

Aren’t we going to  party? The alcoholic friend will consume the alcoholic beverages in the mini bar no matter how expensive if he can’t find a party place nearby for a drink or two. This friend has a bragging right of “still standing after 15” at Cocomangas in Boracay.

The Rich Kid

While most of you are saving up for your pocket money, the rich kid  is already planning for the next trip. This friend orders the most expensive food in the menu, shops like crazy, and is expected (usually volunteers) to treat everyone to a free dinner during the trip. He will even buy you a souvenir shirt. Who wouldn’t want him as a travel buddy?

The Budget Traveler

travel buddy

The budget traveler packs light because he feels like money is wasted on additional charges for check in luggage. He prefers attractions that don’t require an entrance fee. He brings with him the complimentary bottled water because buying an extra drink is not in the budget. There is no way he will spend beyond the budget he allotted for the trip.

The Health Buff

travel buddy

There’s no cheat day for the health buff friend. While the alcoholic friend looks for a bar, he looks for a gym to work out or a trail to jog. He chooses the healthiest food in the buffet or menu.

The Foodie

The foodie friend has a budget for anything edible. This travel buddy  doesn’t care about calorie count and gaining weight. He wants to try all the food available (and even those that don’t seem to qualify as food).

The Hoarder

travel buddy

The hoarder travel buddy will get all freebies, unused toiletries, ballpens, notepads, and even brochures in the hotel or places he visits.

Were you able to identify yourself or your friend in any of these personalities? Share and tag them.

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