What Kind of Learner Are You?

Looking back to your achievements and development, you can notice how far your life has become. Thinking beyond burning candles on both ends just to pass a dreadful thesis in college or late night and early morning struggles to catch up with work, there must be something that gets you to finish the job in your own simple way.

People have different learning methods. They capitalize on how they actually learn things to be more productive and get ahead of others. Do you know what kind of learning method you possess? PSST.PH shares with you 8 types of learners and you can ponder upon these to help you identify what learning method you can draw on to improve yourself.

8 Types of Learners

1. The Doer
What Type of Learner are You?
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If you are someone who can’t bare just reading or listening to instructions and procedures until you try it, you must be a doer. The essentials of learning lies right when you experience doing things yourself. People who learn by doing are curious and skillful.

2. The Visual Learner

Your philosophy in life lingers with the saying, “To see is to believe.” Learning comes when you see results right through your eyes. You are an observant person who conceptualizes learning through watching and observing.

3. The Challenge Taker

You have braved life through obstacles. Every problem you face is an avenue for learning. Life challenges make you stronger and fearless. You approach life with positivity and courage.

4. The Soul Searcher

You learn by searching inside yourself. You reflect on your mistakes and make better decisions. You find meaning in life by knowing what your passions are and filling the gaps of emptiness through personal devotion. If you find the comforts of learning by self-reflection, then you must be a soul searcher.

5. The Reader

No one gets away with books. This is the most common way we learn things at school. But if you go beyond the academic pursuit to find answers for your personal questions by reading, you must be a reader. Life’s mysteries can be found on printed characters and the wonders of learning are sculpted in the books.

6. The Sociable

A sociable learner develops himself through interacting with others. Learning is at its peak when exchanging ideas and thoughts with different individuals. The more heads that talk, the more information you acquire. Do you love learning from other people’s stories? Then you must be a sociable learner.

7. The Scientist

what type of learner are you

This kind of learner likes experimenting. There must be more than one explanation to the empirical equation of every situation. If you are this kind of learner, you love discovery and adventure. You love skipping the common path and go discover new trails.

8. The Questioner

A learner who questions is a learner who finds reasons. The “whys” and “hows” fuel his being to find answers to questions. If you find it annoying tending to a person who literally asks too many questions, well, you must have found a learner who grows with a world full of intelligent reasons – a questioner.

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