How to be Kind Even to Mean People?

What a better way to start the Easter Sunday with the resolution of being kind, even to the meanest person.  Why? He needs it the most.

PSST.Ph reminds us why kindness is needed in this world, and what better way to start than this coming Easter Sunday.  The celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the death is an ultimate expression of  God’s loving-kindness to his people.

How to be Kind Even to Mean People?


Rough day for the mean person
How to be Kind Even to Mean People?
How to be Kind Even to Mean People?

Perhaps the rude person simply needs kindness to make his day better.  Cliche as it may yet true; he may be experiencing a rough day. Being kind to him may be a way to positively change his mood and remind him that he, too, should be kind.

A reflection of yourself

Always remember that the way you treat others is a reflection of yourself.  If you react with hatred and sarcasm almost every day, it becomes you.  Hate makes you miserable, and that would define you wherever you go and whoever you meet.   Sometimes, you only meet a person once, but your words and actions will last forever.  He might have thought rudeness is your character because that’s the first thing you showed to him. It is better then to be the one who is remembered for his kindness and not otherwise.

The right thing to do

Never allow yourself be affected by the discourtesy of others. Always remind yourself that kindness is the right thing to do.  It doesn’t mean as well you are allowing others’ rudeness go unnoticed.  You are just doing the right thing to do — not allowing yourself be a victim of hatred.  You choose to think and act with kindness despite the negativity life is throwing at you.

Kindness makes you feel good
How to be Kind Even to Mean People?
How to be Kind Even to Mean People?

It is given.  When you do something out of kindness, it instantly makes you happy. It brings contentment and such positive feeling of service and concern. It is like the brain’s natural version of heroin, making you feel high thus pushes you to do more acts of kindness.  All the more, it gives you a healthier heart.  Studies show that when you do an act of kindness, a certain hormone called oxytocin is produced in the brain and throughout the body.  This plays a significant role in cardiovascular health, causing the release of nitric oxide.    The nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

Kindness is  power

Showing kindness to a mean person is honorable.  Despite the mistreatment, reacting with consideration through silence or smile shows you are thinking beyond the superficial rudeness.  You could control your anger and instead, choose to be honorable.  It shows, not your weakness but your strength.

Be Kind Even to Mean People

How to be Kind Even to Mean People?
How to be Kind Even to Mean People?

Always remember, if someone is rude to you, do the opposite.  It is only your battered ego that wants to make even and pushes you to be rude as well.  Being mean doesn’t solve anything, either. So, be nice instead.

The world has enough of negativity already.   Spread happiness.  Spread kindness.  Perhaps it takes one person at a time to change the world to be a better place to live in.  So next time a mean person lashes out his angst, choose to be kind.



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  • Wendy

    It’s a good article. I wish I were that kind, for me to be kind to mean people. I see dead people when I encounter mean people ha ha. But i love what you wrote about not letting the discourtesy of others affect us. That is good advice, however hard it may be to follow.