Kids Craze Warehouse Sale 2017

The holiday season is fast approaching and now it’s time for the highly-anticipated Richprime Club’s Kids Craze Warehouse Sale 2017! It will be back on November 17 and shall end on December 21.

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Find your best deals up to 80% off on its wide range of branded toys, apparels, shoes, baby products, and other items from Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Disney, Shopkins, VTech, Chicco, Ollie Shoes, and more! This is definitely an ultimate holiday shopping venue in the Metro for your family and friends.

To make your shopping experience worthwhile, your frequently asked questions about #KidsCraze2017 has been answered by Richwell Club:

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What is Kids Craze?

Kids Craze Warehouse Sale is an annual sale of Richprime Club, Inc., where branded toys, apparels, baby products, and other items are discounted as low as 80% off.


Where is the venue of Kids Craze Warehouse Sale?

Kids Craze Warehouse Sale will be held in Richprime Corporate Center, #34 Scout Torillo corner Scout Limbaga, Quezon City.

What time will Kids Craze Warehouse Sale open?

November 17-December 21

Mondays-Fridays: 1:00-6:00 PM

Saturdays-Sundays: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM


Do you accept reservation?

No reservation allowed.


Do you have a baggage counter area?

Yes, at the ground floor. Please ask for assistance from the security personnel.


Will there be a lot of people during the warehouse sale?

Yes! Each year the number of people keeps growing, as we provide branded toys at discounted price.


Is the event free?

No entrance fee or registration fee. Just visit our warehouse sale and prepare to shop as many as you can.


What are the accepted modes of payment?

We only accept cash payment basis.


Will there be a priority lane? Who can use the priority lane?

Yes, there will be a priority lane for Senior Citizens, pregnant women, and Persons with Disability (PWD).


Will there be a special area for children?

No special area for children.


Should I bring the whole family at Kids Craze Warehouse Sale?

We suggest that you do not bring babies or small children for their safety and convenience.


Enjoy your bargain hunting and frugal shopping! Visit Richwell Club on Facebook to know more details.

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*Featured photos courtesy of Richwell Club


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