Keep kids safe against strangers

Teaching kids about stranger safety is not paranoia but more on empowerment.  At an early age, they are taught how to protect themselves, thus helping them develop self-confidence.    As they spread their wings and move outside their parent’s shadow, they can protect themselves, giving both the parent and youngster the feeling of security. itemizes a few pointers on how to introduce stranger safety to children.

Keep kids safe against strangers
Keep kids safe against strangers

Explain the concept of strangers

Do not assume.  Orient your child about the concept of a stranger.  Though not all strangers are bad, they are usually people he doesn’t know personally.  It is safe to tell your kid not to easily trust strangers even if they appear kind.

Emphasize from time to time, as well, basic stranger safety tips.  A few examples are no talking to strangers, no accepting food or stuff from strangers, and no going places with strangers.

Communicate regularly

Make use of dinner or lunchtime to have a regular catch up moment with your child.  It would be ideal if you regularly share stories about kidnapping, harassment, and situations involving strangers.  Orient him about suspicious behavior.  That way, he is reminded that though the world is beautiful, there are circumstances beyond our control.

Have a pact

As your child goes somewhere, have a pact that he will always tell you the three Ws.  Where he is going, who he is going with, and what time he will be back.  Orient him as well to inform you of sudden changes.  It wouldn’t hurt, too, if you tell him to always go with a buddy.  Buddy system works.   But in order for your child to obey by your agreement, you, too, as a parent should show you respect your deal.

Develop a family code word

Invent a family code word.  This is a  special pass which only members of your family know.  If someone, for instance, insists he is asked to pick up your child unexpectedly, he needs to say to your kiddo the family code first before your kid agrees to go with him.

Establish a close-knit relationship

Family members who work well together form a special bond.  They are most likely to feel appreciated and valued.  They work on trust, respect, and love.  Each is comfortable to share secrets and also tell almost anything.  And that includes introducing acquaintances or what’s the latest about him.  It is prudent then that you establish a close-knit relationship with your kiddo.

Keep kids safe against strangers

Keep kids safe against strangers
Keep kids safe against strangers

With the many news about what is happening around us, it is but prudent to teach kids about stranger safety.  Again, it is not being paranoid. It is just being practical and empowering your children to protect themselves against strangers and possible harm.

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