Keep breastfeeding after returning to work

In the Philippines, moms who had just given birth through normal delivery are given 60 days maternity leave.  Those through cesarean section have 72 days to fully recover.

If you’re one new mother and are about to return to work, breastfeeding your baby wouldn’t be a problem.  You can still give your little one your liquid gold when you head back to the office.  How? shares easy planning tips to help you on your goal to continue nursing despite returning to work.  Providing your little one the best nourishment isn’t hard in the first place.  With a little planning and commitment, surely you are all set for continued breastfeeding.

Keep breastfeeding after returning to work
Keep breastfeeding after returning to work

Build your stash

A mom’s breasts are never truly empty.  They adjust to the supply and demand thus if a baby, for instance, feeds every four hours, the breasts will be ready at that time interval.    It is prudent then that you start to build your stash as early as possible.  All it takes is prudence and commitment.

Express milk every four hours or after your baby had his milk.  Little by little, you will see your collection of milk growing which your baby will use when you return to work.

You may either invest in a breast pump or opt to hand express.  Store your liquid gold in a two- or four- ounce servings storage bag.  It may stay fresh for five days when in a refrigerator or months in the freezer.

Find your space at work

Republic Act (RA) 10028 states that all private businesses and even government agencies are required to provide lactation stations and lactation periods to breastfeeding employees.  This very well explains that nursing moms can then use the time to pump or express milk.

If there is no room specifically designed for such, they can be creative in finding a space.  They may ask permission from the Human Resources Department and use the meeting or conference room if it is empty.  There are even some individuals who would pump milk even when on the field of work. They just use a nursing cover or stay in discreet places.

As for the time when to express milk at work, best to do it at the same time the baby would normally nurse.

Cup feed the baby

When your baby is used to direct latch, better introduce cup feeding when you are to leave him for work.   This is to avoid nipple confusion.    Nipple confusion is when the baby gets introduced to an artificial teat and using it involves a different sucking mechanism.  The child will realize it is easier to feed through a bottle using an artificial teat than a direct latch.  This might lead to the baby rejecting his mother’s breast and risking their breastfeeding connection.

To make it easier for the baby to accept and get used to the cup, introduce it to him at a fairly young age.  When the infant is about a month-old and breastfeeding has been firmly established, you may introduce cup feeding.

Unlilatch at night

As mentioned earlier, as the baby demands more, the supply keeps up with him.  To help boost milk supply despite long absence of direct latch the whole day, you may opt to unlilatch at night.  This is when you leave your baby sucking through your breast at night.  This technique, though, requires the mom and baby to co-sleep at night.

Many has been said about how unlilatch helped problematic breastfeeding moms who have thought their supply dwindled.   Unlilatch stimulates the breast and helps with breast milk letdown.

Keep breastfeeding after returning to work

Keep breastfeeding after returning to work
Keep breastfeeding after returning to work

The knowledge about infant health benefits is one of the reasons that moms opt to breastfeed their little ones.  Such noble intention but sometimes creates concern, too, to moms wanting to return to work.  But with commitment and a little creativity, continuing to give her liquid gold to her darling baby is possible.  Many moms survived this moment in their lives.  Aside from commitment and planning, everything went well because of that thing called love.

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