Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday

The struggle is real. Sharing the bathroom and toilet with kids can be a challenge. Even if you repeatedly request them to keep the bathroom clean, they would step out of it leaving the floor slippy and the walls full of soap suds. shares a simple daily habit one can adapt to always keep the bathroom and toilet sparkling clean. Remember, instilling a daily habit to clean this tiny room will make it a lot easier and faster to keep it tidy.

Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday
Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday

Air dry towels

After each use, air dry your bath towel instead of hanging it in the bathroom. Doing so will keep your towel fresh longer. Just be sure to change to clean ones every three to four days.

Empty the trash bin

Make it a habit to always empty the trash bin before night falls. This habit will prevent a stinky bathroom. It will also prevent cockroach and rat infestation. This is pretty much like making the bed before leaving it or washing the dishes after each meal.

Flush the toilet after use

Make it a habit to always flush the toilet after use even if you only pee a little. Harmful bacteria may start to culture which may cause more serious health issues. If your concern is water conservation, you may opt to use a dipper full of water instead of pushing the flush button. This practice will also prevent fishy smell and those yellow markings in the bowl.

Quick scrub the walls and floor

Making it a daily habit to at least give the shower wall and floor a quick scrub. This will save you from one big chore. A quick scrub to remove the soap suds or toothpaste clump from the floor, for instance, gives you the big favor of a more annoying time spent cleaning soap scum.

Spray shower wall after use

Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday
Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday

After a refreshing bath, give your wall the same treatment by splashing it with a water and vinegar mixture. A 50/50 water and vinegar solution washes away soap scum in the shower. Vinegar can also remove tough stains. This daily habit minimizes time spent scrubbing those hard-to-remove stains.

Sink and mirror quick wipe down

Just like shower wall and floor, the sink may have soap scum build up if left unattended after each use. Swishing water around the inside of the sink with a brush will wipe down hair, powder, and any kind of trash. As for the mirror, you may use a microfiber cloth to get rid of toothpaste splatter. Neglecting it on first notice might give you a hard time to remove it because it already sat there for days. You may just keep your microfiber cloth hanging near your sink. Do not forget to wash it at least once a week.

Turn on the exhaust fan

For those with an exhaust fan, it is advisable to turn it on every time one enters the bathroom. This removes the moisture out of the room. Likewise, the fan helps control and eliminate odor, offering the next person to enter a more pleasing atmosphere.

Enlist the family’s help

Cleaning the bathroom need not be the sole duty of the homemaker. The advantage of having a big family is that there are several members to help clean the bathroom. Make it a rule that everyone does his share of keeping the bathroom clean. The more hands are there to clean the room, the more likely that you can keep it clean with a minimal amount of effort and time.

Keep your bathroom sparkling every day

The truth is, you can do everything in five to 10 minutes. You may even multitask and scrub the shower floor while you brush your teeth. The key to making this system work is to do it every day. Otherwise, it gets pretty easy for your bathroom to get those layers of hard-to-remove grimes when in reality, will only take a few minutes to remove if done that day.

Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday
Keep your bathroom sparkling everyday

It may sound like a big chore to clean the bathroom every day. But cleaning it on a daily basis is one habit that may spare you hours of hard scrubbing. Make cleaning your bathroom a daily habit and you will always have a clean toilet and bath that is not only in good shape but something you could be proud to even let your guests come in.

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