Kadayawan 2017 Plant Show Winners

Kadayawan 2017 is an annual celebration of culture, arts, street dancing, agricultural-industrial trade fair and plant show highlighted this year’s event. The commercial trade fair is currently being held at SM Ecoland Davao until August 31.

Kadayawan 2017
32nd Kadayawan Festival 2017

The show was organized by Floriculture Industry of Davao Incorporated (FIDI ) president is Mr. Angel Puentespina and Mindanao Floriculture and Ecological Development Inc. president Mr. Vivencio Gallego a joint show between two plant organizations in partnership with Davao City government, Pepsi and SM.

Kadawayan 2017 Landscape Winners

Kadayawan landscape winner first 2
First Place landscape -Vivencio Gallego ( photo credit: Mr. Jaime Chua )

First Place winner for landscape is Mr. Vivencio Gallego – The landscape had had different bromeliads, ferns, orchids and artificial man-made dripping waterfalls with two bronze cranes.

Kadayawan 2017
First Place landscape -Vivencio Gallego
Kadayawan 2017 2nd place

Second Place is the landscape exhibit of Ms. Sally U. Luenberger – The landscape exhibit showcases several blooming vanda orchids, Dendrobium orchid hybrids and Vanda sanderiana or Waling-waling orchids which is touted as ” Queen of Philippine Orchids

Vanda semi-terete hybrid - Won Best Vanda Terete in Show exhibit by Ms. Sally Luenberger
Vanda semi-terete hybrid – Won Best Vanda Terete in Show exhibit by Ms. Sally Luenberger

Ms. Sally U Luenberger is the person behind the highly successful SUL Orchids which had five hectares orchid farm located in Tugbok, Davao City gives you a wide selection and consistent supply of quality grown orchids. They specializes on Vanda Strap ,Vanda Terete, Mokara, Phalaenopsis , Dendrobium hybrids and other native orchid species.

Kadayawan 2017
blooming waling-waling or Vanda sanderiana orchids

Waling-waling or scientifically called Vanda/ Euanthe sanderiana is an endemic orchid species found in Mindanao. 80% of Vandaceous orchid parentage can trace their parentage to this orchid species.

3rd Place winner
3rd Place winner

Third Place landscape exhibit is by Mrs. Charita Puentespina and Mr. Rex Puentespina . The exhibit showcased blooming red Renanthera storiei and its related hybrids . These orchids are commonly called fire orchids since their red flowers and very flashy and dancing lady orchids. The landscape exhibit also have Platycerium grande fern, Tillandsia xerographica and Aglaonema hybrids.

Best Orchid in Show

Kadayawan 2017
Vanda luzonica ( Photo courtesy: Mr. Jaime Chua)

Best Orchid in Show is a Vanda luzonica specimen clump exhibit by Mrs. Charita Puentespina and Mr. Rex Puentespina large specimen-sized mother plant ( with 2 spikes) and with 1 keikis ( 1 spike).

Vanda luzonica is an endemic orchid species which is found in Luzon and their range includes Mount Pinatubo which was almost decimated during the eruption of the volcano in 1991.  However there are orchid growers and backyard hobbyists from other parts of the country which manage to have propagated this orchid species and thus this species is slowly making a come back in cultivation.

Kadayawan 2017 Best in Waling-Waling Orchid

Kadayawan 2017
Waling-waling pinkish color

Best Vanda sanderiana or Waling-Waling was exhibited by Mrs. Charita Puentespina and Rex Puentespina tandem.

Photo credit is from Mr. Jaime Chua , an orchid and plant grower, interior decorator, landscaper and judge. He had an orchid farm in Busay, Cebu.








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