JolliSerye: Na petsa de peligro ka na Ba?

Almost every single Filipino employee has experienced the dreaded petsa de peligro. You know, the day before your payday where you need to make sure that whatever you have in your wallet fits your commuting fee, merienda, lunch, and whatever you need to survive the day. For most of us, this happens 2x a month and can really take a toll on our day.

One of the few places that saves office workers is Jollibee and because Jollibee is in touch with what is happening in real life, they have come up with a web series that showcases the different office personalities to discuss the effects of petsa de peligro and how people cope with it aside from buying JollySavers.

The first installement of the web series is now out and in this installement, you get to meet the six main characters as well as three supporting ones. You get to see the different personalities and definitely, if you have ever worked in an office, you are most likely able to identify yourself or a coworker in one of the characters.

Meet your office counterparts. Are you the Diskarte Dude of the office? He is the guy who always has a way of making things happen no matter how inane things may be.


Are you the Eat Guy of the IT department? You know, the one who always manages to eat everyone else’s food?


Are you Mr. Pogi ng Marketing? He is the one guy everyone in the office pines for and always has a smile that can melt any heart and make you do his work for him?


Are you the Kikay Diva? She is the girl who always looks like she just stepped out of a make up and accessory store? Her look is always on point though her wallet may be hiccupping already.


Are you Hugot Girl of your office? The gal who always has some bitter line to sprout and does not believe in forever anymore.


Or are you Queenie who is the HR Royalty oblivious to things like petsa de peligro because her family has money and when she does fall for petsa de peligro, she makes do with expensive biscuit from Europe.


Whoever you may be in the office, you are sure to enjoy these web stories as they come out every 14th and 29th of the month throughout the rest of 2017 in the official Jollibee Facebook page.


You can always count on JolliSavers to save you from suffering on petsa de peligro. JolliSavers sulit sarap meals for only Php50. You can choose between the extra cheesy, extra beefy Jolly Hotdog, Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak, or YumBurger.

JolliSavers is available dine in, take out, deliveyr, and through drive thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

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