Jollibee Tuna Pie is back!

One of the ways we know that the Lenten season has started is when the Jollibee Tuna Pie makes a comeback. You just know that soon as these babies hit the Jollibee stores, it’s time for lent.

So yes! It’s that time of the year again: Jollibee’s Tuna Pie is finally back in all stores nationwide!


An instant classic, Tuna Pie is a delectable snack that brings together generous amounts of chunky tuna flakes, peppery sauce, cheese, and vegetables enveloped in a golden crispy crust. This handy, on-the-go snack is the perfect, delicious, healthier option for the Lenten season and for the health-conscious.

With every bite, Tuna Pie delivers a combination of textures and flavors that make people crave for more. The creamy, peppery filling complements the subtle, savory flavor of the tuna. Throw in cheese, finely chopped veggies, and encase everything in a perfectly golden-brown pie shell—the result is a snack treat that packs a tasty, indulgent punch with less guilt!

“Jollibee’s Tuna Pie is our most popular limited-time offering because of its deliciously irresistible taste,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee’s Core Category Marketing Director. “Fans—who love it as a healthier snack option or as a way to observe their Lenten traditions—eagerly await its return every year, and some even petition to have us extend the duration of the product’s availability. It’s really worth the wait!”

Enjoy a flavor-packed snack with less guilt with Jollibee’s Tuna Pie today! This Pinoy savory pie favorite will be back in Jollibee stores starting February 1 and will be available for dine-in, delivery, drive-thru, and take-out transactions for only P45.00* (Solo). Enjoy the Tuna Pie with a regular drink (P59.00*) or a drink and a serving of another meat-free favorite, the Jolly Crispy Fries (P89.00*)! Trio Packs for sharing—or hoarding!—are also available for only P130.00*.

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Prices may vary across different locations

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