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Most of you have probably already listed down your new year’s resolutions for 2018. Apart from continuing to do what you have started in the previous year and just being consistent in practicing the steps to achieve your goals, starting to get fit and healthier most probably is one your goals this new year.

There are various ways to achieve a more fit and healthy body. Some people prefer to go to gyms to exercise while others do it in the comfort of their homes by following exercise routines on YouTube. There are individuals who consult dieticians or health experts to modify their diet plans to coincide them with their exercise regimen. For those who don’t want to spend too much, they just browse the internet to teach themselves how to do it by simply looking for diet plans and fitness routines that work for many that they want to try themselves.

Consulting your doctor is still the best way to start dieting and exercising because the plan that is going to be given to you should be tailored fit to your health condition. In case that your doctor suggests a full body workout  that is less expensive but can achieve best results like running, Sun Life Resolution Run also known as Sunpiology Run may be the best way to start.

sunpiology resolution run
Sun Life Financial Philippines, one of the country’s largest leader in insurance and mutual funds, is once again organizing an event that aims to uplift your spirit and motivate you to start your year towards your optimum health goals. Sun Life Resolution Run to be headed by your favorite Star Magic celebrity, Piolo Pascual, will be held on January 20, 2018 at GHQ Grandstand Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. It is the running half of the SunPiology Duo,  an obstacle course with pit stop inspired by diabetes prevention through a Fit and Fab Well lifestyle.

sunpiology resolution run

What makes this race more exciting is that it is open to running and walking enthusiasts of all ages: 500 meter run for kids, 500 meter walk for adults, and 3k, 5k, and 10K running distances for teens and adults.

Registration is so affordable that can be done both in-store or online through Race shirt, singlet (for kids), Sun Life Poncho, Sun Life P. A. Insurance Card, loot bag, and Sun Life Sun Visor are included in the race kit.  For more details like schedules, distance, race rules, and in-store registration locations, visit

sunpiology resolution run
Tag along your friends and be more eager to finish the race!

Let yourself shine in 2018! Register now!

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