Jeepney Jaytee: A Pinoy’s Success in Canada

There are stories that inspire and then there are stories that make you aspire. Sometimes, you come across one and sometimes, you get lucky to come across both. This is that story.


Jamie Balmores believes in pursuing your passion. Though he is a registered nurse by profession, his heart actually belongs to the kitchen which is why he put up Jeepney JayTee last May 2015. Inspired by the foodtrucks that were starting to sprout and gain recognition, the Filipino in Jamie saw the potential of putting up a food truck but one with a more Filipino twist, hence Jeepney Jaytee.


This proved to be a wise decision because for the last 2 years, Jeepney JayTee has won the best foodtruck awards for 2016 and 2017 which is not an easy feat because as well know, the food industry can be quite cutthroat. Jeepney JayTee stays on top of its game by serving the best Crispy Kare-Kare, Bistek Shawarma, Boracay Burger, Pork Isaw, and their very own Jeepney homemade Taho.


A regular on Global TV Edmonton and City TV, Jamie is able to reach out to a wider audience and tell fellow Filipinos that they do not need to feel homesick because they get to have a taste of home with Jeepney JayTee. Jamie has also been featured in ABS CBN Balitang America for his charitable work. During a fund drive, instead of paying for his food, you can bring old clothes and toiletries during the wild fires in western Canada.


Jamie Balmores is truly an inspiration to humanity. He is a living proof that pursuing your passion, doing what you love, and giving back to the community can all be done while making a living for yourself. We’re sure the people of Edmonton is grateful to have him around  and their tummies are all the more filled because of Jeepney JayTee.



Kathy Kenny


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