4 ways to jazz up your multimedia content in 2018

Once at the receiving end of television, radio, and print advertisements, mere consumers have taken on the role of content creators in the digital era. Think about your latest Facebook Live session or Instagram Story post. That’s content. The photos, videos, audio recordings/podcasts, or graphics you shared on your social accounts? Those are types of content.

It is also likely that you engage in multimedia production. You don’t limit yourself to expressing yourself through words, such as in status updates. You also dig shooting images and capturing motion.

While sticking with the tools you already use, it may be a fine idea to refine your skills as a multimedia content creator this 2018. For the sake of expressing yourself better, or impressing mom, or engaging hundreds or thousands of followers, try the following tips on how to create content that’s fresh and alive.

Decide on a theme

Friends and families can be a great source of ideas. Ryan Higa, the YouTube star behind the popular nigahiga channel, started lip-syncing to songs with his friend and now business partner Sean Fujiyoshi. So pick a common interest with your partner or peer and take it from there. Or respond to friends who have been urging you to document your cooking techniques or record makeup tutorials. After all, nobody’s asking you to take up a master’s degree on anything. But having a theme will help you polish a talent or skill through the power of consistency.

Pick a theme with the help of family and friends. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Enhance images with style

#NoFilter is boring, especially when you want to set a mood or tone on Instagram. On the other hand, over-editing is cringe-worthy. This new year, learn how to tell striking visual stories with a few enhancement tricks. Just remember that different styles work for different creators. But when you’re beginning, it’s good to know what you like about your favorite bloggers’ or photographers’ images. Then find out how to achieve them. Some influencers on the platform are generous about their process. Editing apps like VSCO and Lightroom have also built their respective communities, which are both big on knowledge-sharing.

Learn a few image enhancement tricks. Image courtesy of VSCO's Instagram account
Learn a few image enhancement tricks. Image courtesy of VSCO’s Instagram account

Let your uniqueness shine

Just because you have a funny personality doesn’t mean you should go into comedy. It’s not that comedy is bad, but if every funny person ends up in this genre, it’ll be harder to churn out original content. Starting January, the challenge for you is to find the intersection between something you like or are good at and something you aren’t so good at but want to learn. As for the latter, it can also be something you want to achieve, like fitness goals. Never stop exploring until you can say “Now this is my thing!”

Capture the real you. Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines' Instagram account
Capture the real you. Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines‘ Instagram account

Know the basics

Your family and friends will be happy to shower hearts and laughs on your homemade videos. But don’t take that as a cue to shoot scenes a la the Blair Witch Project. Read up on the basics like how to frame your subject in an interview or how to take sumptuous food clips. Meanwhile, no amount of editing can turn a bad photo good. Study a little about composition and the exposure triangle. Be aware of the light source before clicking the shutter button.

Frame your shot well in order to tell a striking visual story. Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines' Instagram account
Frame your shot well in order to tell a striking visual story. Image courtesy of OPPO Philippines‘ Instagram account

Again, you can start with the devices you already own. Know how capable your trusty smartphone is of capturing photos and videos. With settings like the OPPO F5’s 20MP front camera, 16MP rear camera, F2.0 aperture, and 1/28” sensor, you can focus on framing stunning self-portraits (selfies!) and getting vivid editorial shots under low light. That means snapping without too much fuss. The OPPO F5 also lets you store 256GB worth of files, so you can expand your multimedia universe without spending too much on the tool.

Are you ready to take things to the next level? What’s your multimedia content resolution for 2018? Let us know in the comments section.

This post was created in partnership with OPPO Philippines.

Shadz Loresco

A full-time editor turned freelance writer, Shadz has worked for local publications such as Entrepreneur Philippines, Forbes Magazine - Philippine Edition, and Rappler. She also collaborates with startups as a content strategist and an online marketing consultant. At PSST! PH, she serves as the head of the Digital Sales & Marketing Team. Coffee, films, and photography keep her on her toes. She dreams of documenting the lives of the voiceless from around the world.