Is Luis “Lucky” Manzano unlucky in love?

Witty, eloquent, impeccably handsome, and zany …  these are some of the words associated with Luis Philippe Santos Manzano. The son of actress Vilma Santos and actor Edu Manzano, Luis is one of those celebrity kids many were curious about back then. Remember the time when, every week, we get to hear “I Love you Lucky” on national television?

He has been sheltered from the public since birth.  He only entered showbiz when he was about to finish college. But even then, Luis Manzano has always been in showbiz radar and one of the things people were always curious about was his love life.

Let’s dissect this shall we.


In the early 2000 or 2001, Nicolette Lacson, a Filipino American from Florida went home to the Philippines and spent her high school year here. During that time it was said that she dated Luis Manzano for a few months. It was also the period where she started as swimwear model.


In the April 18, 2003 issue of Malaya, Luis confirmed to Mario Bautista that he had a serious relationship with Nicolette Lacson who already went to the US by then.  Even Nicolette, in one of her print ad, described her relationship with Luis as dating.

Their break up may have ended in a not so amicable manner since years after, Luis seemed to be hinting on something about his ex grilfriend with this tweet or it could be an inside joke between the two of them?

nicollete luis

Nicolette has been in the US since then and still models.


Nancy Castiliogne is a half Italian half Filipino who was home for a vacation from Canada. In the beginning of 2000, people were fascinated with this fresh faced girl who invaded the advertising world through print ad. However, it was her relationship with Lucky Manzano that made her more famous.

nancy-castiglione c/o roger margallo

Photos of the couple were always feasted upon and people became more interested with Luis Manzano.  Nancy, on the other hand, became known to the people in show business. They broke up in 2002 after a year long relationship. No definite reasons were given why they broke up but it was rumored that there was a third party in the name of Mico Palanca.



Aside from Heart Evangelista, Luis also gets to co host with “Myx” VJ Karel Marquez.


It was in the first quarter of 2004 when rumor started milling that Luis Manzano was courting “Myx” VJ Karel Marquez. The commercial beauty endorser was a 17-year-old high school graduate at that time. Karel said that Luis already introduced her to his mother Vilma Santos but after a few weeks Karel was confused when Luis gave her the cold shoulder. Nothing came off of this courtship.


On March 2004, Toni Gonzaga, a popular GMA Network artist and mainstay of Eat Bulaga joined “Wazzup, Wazzup” of Studio 23. News travelled fast that Luis Manzano always visited the set of the TV show because of Toni Gonzaga.


Luis was very vocal when he said that he has a huge crush on Toni. Luis pursued Toni for 3 years but failed to get her sweet yes. They remain great friends.


They have been friends for a long time but Anne had been in a relationship since 2000 starting with Chubi del Rosario, then Cogie Domingo in 2001, Oyo Sotto in 2001-03, Richard Gutierrez in 2003-04, Paolo Araneta in 2004-06, Derek Ramsay in 2005-06, Sam Milby in 2006-08. Everyone in showbiz knew that Anne’s relationship with Sam was an off and affair. In 2007 rumors was strong that Anne allegedly hooked up with Luis Manzano.


On Luis part he has admitted in one interview that he was in love with Anne Curtis and she was the only girl he had cried over because of love. He also said that what they have is almost close to boyfriend girlfriend thing but never the real one. In some way, he is protecting Anne because at that time she was still involved with Sam Milby.


Angel Locsin, the Primetime Queen of the Kapuso Network decided to transfer to ABS CBN and this is where she met Luis.


They began dating in 2008, although Luis refrains from admitting they were an item in the early part of the relationship. Fans surmised the real score especially when Angel started joining Luis’ family in several occasions.

Around July 2009, their romance ended.  Weeks before the said separation, the couple, for reasons they refused to clarify became cold with each other. Rumors of third party hounded them. Angel would refrain from talking about it. And Luis, from October to the early months of 2011, tried to win back Angel but to no avail.

Until this puzzling tweet from Angel Locsin.

angel locsin2

Fans were confused to which ex she was referring to, but their confusion didn’t even last for a day when Luis Manzano posted this tweet.

luis manzano tweet

Angel has moved on during that time by being in a relationship with Philippines National Football Player Phil Younghusband.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Lucky admitted to have done something wrong to Angel:  He was quoted as saying, “I can say that I did something wrong to Angel. If I hurt her, I can say that’s part of my being a man. I have to accept my wrongdoings.”  He added, ““Kung yong pananakit ko kay Angel brought us to our separate ways, I would like to say I’m very sorry.” He needed to change. “There’s gonna be a new Luis. It’s never too late or never too early to change. I need to be a better person din siguro”


A better Luis met Jennylyn Mercado.

Jennylyn, a single mother of one, and Luis go to the same gym.  The Kapuso actress and the Kapamilya actor/host met and got close during their jujitsu trainings.


On May 2011, Luis and Jennylyn officially became a couple. His mother has taken a liking with Jennylyn and she was present on several family occassions. Jennylyn and Luis even took trips together locally and abroad. Break up rumors stalked the couple especially during the last months of their two year relationship.  The first two weeks of October 2013 was the breaking point for the couple.

Three things happened that finally confirmed the end of the relationship between Luis and Jennylyn. First, Luis cancelled their supposed trip abroad. Originally, Jennylyn and Luis were to travel together but at the last minute, Luis changed the travel plans to solo. Second, it was Luis who first sent a text message to his mother network, ABS CBN informing them of the separation and said he wanted privacy from this. Lastly, Luis became suspicious of Jennylyn’s involvement as the alleged third party in the marriage breakdown of Paolo Contis and EB Babes Lian Paz.

But if we are to believe Ricky Lo’s report, it was said that Luis and Jennylyn “simply fell out love” and no third party was involved in the break up.

It was also during this time that Angel Locsin had a falling out with then boyfriend Phil Younghusband and before we knew it news that Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin got back together was the main topic on every celebrity gossip site.


They said love was sweeter the second time around. And Luis and Angel was the perfect example for this. Fans were happy that they were back together. There were even talks of marriage plans for both sides. Luis mother Vilma Santos became even closer with Angel Locsin.

angel if2

Things settled between the two.

Luis was the typical boyfriend during those times and even protected Angel especially when the later was diagnosed with a disc bulge and had to undergo an operation in Singapore. On December 2015, news that the couple were planning to have a wedding in Las Vegas surfaced with the couple’s planned US trips seemingly hinting on this. But Luis quickly denied the rumors, saying that their Las Vegas and Florida trips were purely a vacation.

Photos of the happy couple on vacation were posted on social media. They even made an unplanned trip to The Carribbean. Unfortunately, instead of solidifying the relationship, it seems a crack happened that led to the breakup.

According to Ricky Lo, in his Fanfare January 27 edition, Luis ands Angel broke up weeks after their US trip. It was said that Angel discovered something about Luis which caused the break up weeks after their trip. Other sources like Bandera said that it was Luis who discovered something about Angel and he was the first one to break up with her.

During the premiere night of the movie “Everything about Her” where Luis’ mother Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin were the main lead, Luis was present but left immediately after the movie finished. He gave the excuse that he didn’t want to intrude because he was not part of that movie.

On January 29, Angel guested in “Tonight with Boy Abunda” and denied rumors of separation between her and Luis. Luis Manzano was already interviewed the day before  and also said the same thing.

Weeks passed and Angel underwent a final operation for her disc bulge in Singapore.  On the day she left, it was noticeable that Luis was not by her side. Then a controversial Instagram was posted by Angel. It was a video of Luis singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself’ which she reposted from MYXPh.

angel locsin

“on the eve of my neck procedure, I saw my ex singing “love yourself”  sa myx ig. Kung nagmahal na kayo ng taong paulit ulit kang sinaktan. Pls. like this. #mabuhayangtangasapagibig.”

The line My Ex caught the fans off guard. Was this a confirmation of the break up? But nothing was said of this as Angel deleted the post after a day. Now fans are waiting for the status of their relationship. They are waiting and so are we.

 To quote Luis in one of his many interviews, he said this about relationship, “Ang relasyon naman ay dalawa lang yan — either magkakatuluyan kayo or maghihiwalay kayo. Masyadong 50-50.” (In relationships, there are only 2 outcomes – – you either end up with each other or you break up. It’s really 50-50.) 

In conclusion, Luis’ celebrity status doesn’t make him any different from normal people. He fell in and out of love just like us. He is one of the country’s hottest and eligible bachelors. And fans are waiting for another milestone in his life, that is to get married.

So what seemed to be the problem? Is he unlucky when it comes to love and finding the right girl? Is the ever present doubt on his gender the main culprit? Is there even truth on this? Whatever the reason, we wish luck for someone whose childhood name is Lucky and pray that he finds his true love soon and happily settles down.

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