Is It Worth Being White?

White is “In”? A considerable number of commercials on mass media advertise whitening products ranging from creams to glutathione. These commercials are sure to get the attention of interested individuals who are keenly interested to get that fair skin.

While there is a considerable number of people in the Philippines who want to achieve fairer skin, the other percent of society is asking, “Is it worth it”? “Is it necessary”?

If you are to ask why some if not a lot of people want to be white, the common answer is they find it attractive and appealing. The Philippines is not the only one. In Asia, fair skin is highly prized. It is considered the epitome of beauty. In other parts, it is and a sign of affluence and glamor.

Being white is highly prized in Asia because they look attractive. This is why advertisements greatly promote white skin and subtly condition our minds to think white is best. Source: Ponds / Metalfilter

For some, they find darker skin (stating the obvious) unappealing. This is very indicative on the great demand for whitening products. It can be further inferred majority of Philippine society favor white-skinned folk and they look down upon those with darker skin.

Some go so far to mock them, calling them various derisive names. If this is not enough, darker-skinned folk are marginalized and even stereotyped as being inferior. They can only take menial jobs and can only do supporting roles in films and television shows.

In relation to that, there are those who question this desire of people to get white skin. They opined that it is not necessary since being brown (unless you are really a mestizo) is part of the Filipino’s genetic code. Even if you are born with fair skin, you can get darker skin if you spend a lot of time under the sun.

They also object that dark skin is unattractive; and the criticize commercials that while promoting white skin, they paint a negative image of those with darker skin. If this is the case, how come some westerners are trying to get a tan when they are at the beach? Some will even use a tanning machine in health spas. If there is anything that can be gleaned here, there is nothing wrong if your skin will be a bit dark.

Furthermore, health experts cite the risks in using whitening products, especially those that come from questionable sources. They have mentioned several cases where these products have done more harm than good because of its adverse side effects.

There are even Filipino celebrities who take pride of not being fair skinned such as Richard Gomez, Angel Locsin, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. They still project appeal even if they are not white-skinned. They epitomize the beauty of the brown skin and are proud to flaunt it and they feel they do not need to whiten their skin to be appealing to their fans.

If we regard our celebrities as role models, the above-mentioned stars demonstrate we do not have to be ashamed of having darker skin. They have also demonstrated that beauty is indeed skin deep.


Featured Image Source: La Dee



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