Insulin Plant: Is it the cure for Diabetes?

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Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common and prevalent diseases not only in the Philippines but also across the globe. Diabetes is seriously taking thousands of lives each and every year, not really due to diabetes itself but more because of its many complications.

Most diabetic patients usually visit hospitals and medical centers for treatment, blood sugar management and medications. It is truly an expensive disease which one has to live with for the rest of his or her life unless the patient decided to totally change lifestyle.

In a recent viral Facebook post by TV personality and popular news anchor, Julius Babao (on his social media page), he showed his video footage interview where he featured a plant expert named Ka Bernie Dizon who introduced the insulin plant. According to Ka Bernie, consuming insulin plant could be the cheapest and the most effective way of treating diabetes and stabilizing the blood sugar.

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The so-called “miracle insulin plant” known as Chamaecostus cuspidatus reportedly has anti-diabetic properties. Commonly known as fiery costus or spiral flag, the said insulin plant was used in Ayurvedic medicine in India because of its ability to stabilize the blood sugar which when eaten regularly claims to eventually treat or reverse diabetes.

Ka Bernie also explained that the medicinal plant was originally from India and was exported to the Philippines. It is now being sold at competitive prices, some made it too expensive because of the popularity of the viral video uploaded by Julius Babao.

Ka Bernie claims that boiling two leaves of the insulin plant and drinking it twice a day (morning and evening) in a span of 10 days, it could stabilize the blood sugar. He also explained why most doctors who were using the insulin plant could not recommend it to their patients. Herbal medicine and Western medicines doesn’t usually go together.  But he swears by its effectiveness and proudly says that there were a lot of testimonials to back up his claim on the insulin plant.

We have not gotten hold of the insulin plant as of this time. Although we’d be glad to try it out ourselves to prove its efficiency. What we can only say and attest, is that what we have so far proven to lower blood sugar would be the King of Bitterness plant, also known as “Serpentina.” As a diabetic patient, we used to eat two pieces of raw Serpentina leaves each morning. We would place them on a bread or pan de sal sandwiched between our favorite filling spread (so we won’t have to taste so much of its yucky bitter after-taste). We would wolf it down with a chug of water, lots of water so we flush out those not so good bitter taste that’s even more bitter than our good ól ampalaya (read: Bittergourd).

The Serpentina Plant: King of Bitter herbs

Now if we would all believe what Ka Bernie Dizon claims about the insulin plant, then perhaps diabetes will no longer be a major problem among Filipinos. However, at this time, the Department of Health has not issued any information about the controversial insulin plant, whether it’s safe for public to consume or if it’s truly the cure we had all been waiting for when it comes to diabetes mellitus.

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