Instax helps you go down Memory Lane

Fujifilm has always been in the business of keeping memories alive and after the success of the photo diary, the next step is the launch of the Memory Lane album. This is a unique instax album made of thick bordered pages where you can instantly insert your instax prints.


Fujifilm is all about keeping memories alive and with the advent of the digital age, there are so many photos that just stay inside a hard drive or on a Facebook album. Instax Memory Lane album wishes to change this mindset by giving you a place to put in that instax photo which you can easily pull out and share with the people around you.

The Memory Lane album protects precious print from dust, dirt, moisture, and sunlight to reduce fading and ensure that they stand the test of time. What’s even better is that the Memory Lane Album is being bundled with the Instax Mini 8 and a range of Fujifilm Digital cameras. There are 3 variants of the Memory Lane album, namely the instax Memory Lane package that includes an instax mini 8, pack of film, a memory lane album and a pen marker. The 2nd one is the XA3, instax share SP-2, pack of film, a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker. The 3rd and last includes the XA10, instax mini 7s, pack of film, a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker.


Nothing adds prestige to a launch though than having someone like Bea Alonzo grace the event and share the fact that she herself is a proud instax fangirl along with the Fujifilm Philippines Circle of Influencers. They helped the media and guest design their very own Memory Lane album using available crafts. Guests were encouraged to doodle on the sides, place stickers, write quotes or haiku so that the albums would look not only unique but quite personal too.

Get your very own Instax Memory Lane album. Price starts at Php4995.


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