Instagram Live – Taking It a Notch Higher

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Since its launch in 2010, many people gleefully post and share their photographs, showing them what they have been doing.

But it does not stop with sharing photos. In 2012, Instagram has created web profiles allowing users to treat it like a social media site (this was prior to being acquired by Facebook). In 2013, it added a new feature allowing users to take videos and post them. On that same year, it launched Instagram Direct which allows users to send photos to selected users rather than sharing it to all.

2015 saw more features added to the app. It has allowed users to use non-square images, advertisers can purchase carousel ads to promote their products.

In 2016, Instagram launched new tools catering to business people which allow them to turn Instagram posts into ads. Instagram Events was also launched in its Explore page allowing users to curate videos of any event recorded.

In November 2016, Instagram Live was launched. This combines the best Snapchat and Periscope has to offer. As the name may suggest, this allows the user to post videos in real-time.

Sample shots from Instagram Live in use. Source: Tech Crunch

What Can It Do (Features)?

As mentioned before, your followers can watch your videos in real-time. The catch here is they can only watch it if you are streaming. Since it is live, there can be no replays. However, this is addressed by allowing users to browse a curated Explore page which stores the best videos.

You get to choose how you want to share it. You can share your videos as an ephemeral Direct message to selected people rather than sharing a doodle or Instagram Stories with text.

On the part of the followers, they will get a notification you are going live provided they did not turn it off. They can even engage you so as long as you are live.

How to Use It:

  • All in all, here is what Instagram Live can do for you:
  • If you are into business, you can launch or advertise products.
  • Take followers behind the scenes of what goes on wherever you may be.
  • Engage in a live forum with your followers or conduct a live chat.
  • If you are celebrating an occasion like your birthday, you can share it with anyone to make them feel they are part of it.

Instagram Live, as it says, makes audiences be part of what is happening. Anything can be a “scoop” or a hot story, thanks to video.

Featured Image Source: YouTube

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