What Influences a Girl to Hook Up with a Guy?

Women are totally different from men in many aspects. When it comes to choosing a mate, whether it be a short-term or a long-term mate, they also have preferences. Short term mates are characterized by good genes while long-term mates are characterized by good resources. So what pushes a woman to pursue a hook-up?

Hook-ups are generally classified in the short-term context. Aside from being a channel for showing affection and bringing pleasure, hooking up plays a distinctive role in a person’s life. There are numerous reasons why a woman engages in hooking up with a guy. We are not going to dissect all those reasons, rather, we are presenting three scientific factors that influence a woman’s decision to hook up with a man.

girl hook up with a guy

Attachment Style

The first factor is the attachment style. There are four styles of attachment identified for adults: secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant, and fearful-avoidant. Studies have shown that women who are characterized having a ‘dismissive-avoidant’ style tend to have lower number of flings with guys. They are independent and don’t see being in a relationship as a necessity. They may be defensive and tend to hide their feelings towards their attachment resulting to avoidance. This is also evident on girls who grew apart from their parents. Because of lack of guidance and care, they see men as threat leading to mistrust and lack of attachment.

Biological Reason

A woman’s biology plays a role in decision making to hook up with a man. Many studies have shown an increase in the women’s choice for short-term style men during periods of ovulation. This is due to the production of more estrogen and progesterone which act as a magnet with men having high levels of testosterone, thus attraction. When women are too sensitive during their monthly cycle, this may also be a good chance to be attracted to the opposite sex.


The environment you are in highly motivates you to conform to the norm. How the environment affects a girl’s decision to hook up with a guy is presented in the following concepts.

Aside from social acceptance, seeing a person as part of the bigger society increases their inclination to social norms. This is called deindividuation where people conform to the norms. It is where people lose their sense of individual identity due to situational factors that obscure moral relevance. When a woman sees the environment where hooking-up is a norm, she is most likely to engage in this kind behaviour.

The next is the inaction of others. This social concept deals with people’s actions being affected by the reactions of those who are around them. Studies show that if no one is around to observe the moral behaviour, then they are more likely to occur. This is why it’s important to isolate a girl when you want to escalate with her physically so she won’t be judged.

What influences a girl to hook up with a guy
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The last is the scarcity principle. Robert Cialdini, an expert in influence, found that people value and desire something more when it is rare or difficult to obtain. This is when individuals tend to play less value on objects or opportunities that are in abundance rather than those that are rare. This is why hook-ups are common before settling in a serious relationship. Women settle in a relationship seeing a man’s worth and value after realizing how difficult to obtain such specific kind of guy.

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