Inexpensive Things to Make Mom Feel Special


If you’re someone who always forget about Mother’s Day until the day before, you have to admit that it can be hard to find a gift last minute. It can also be hard to find a gift that costs just right within your means. Don’t get us wrong, we do want to give our Moms something really special. But what if you’re semi-broke? has got you covered. We know it’s pretty expensive and sometimes hard to afford gifts for people you love (and those who seem to have it all!), even if it’s your mom. We know she might say something like “don’t spend your money on me!” or “don’t worry about gifts this year!” Most moms we know are like that. But let’s be honest, you have to celebrate your mom, no matter what your bank account looks like.

Even though it can be hard to get something for your mom for free, it’s not impossible! There are some easy, 100 percent free ways to surprise your mom for Mother’s Day this year. After all, she deserves the best, and I know you wish you could spend Php10,000 on her, but who really has that money right now? Definitely not you, who has to save money for the rainy days. So, if you want to make your mom happy without having to spend a cent, take a look at these unique things to give your mom for Mother’s Day that she will ACTUALLY like.

Watch a movie together


Ask her to watch a movie you used to watch together as a kid. It will be fun to go back to something you both enjoyed when you were younger.

Make her a playlist of her favorite songs


Make a playlist of her favorite songs. Let’s be real, a lot of moms don’t know how to use Apple Music or Spotify, and helping them make a playlist of music they will like it super thoughtful.

Try to join her in an activity she loves


Do an activity with her that SHE likes to do. If your mom likes to knit, even if you’re not interested, try to learn and knit with her. It’s a small thing, but she will really enjoy it. If your mom is a gardener, ask to help her garden. She’ll be grateful.

Post a TBT on Facebook (if she’s your online friend)


Post A TBT on Facebook. We’re not sure why, but moms LOVE throwback Facebook posts. Tag her in a cute photo of you two! Bonus points if you get a ton of likes.

Do your nails together


Do your nails together. You probably won’t want to spend pesos on a manicure, so do it yourselves!

Give her a facial mask treatment


Make a DIY facemask to do with your mom. There are plenty of inexpensive but effective facial masks available in Korean specialty stores. You could also find a DIY facial masks which you can do at the comforts of your home.

Cook her your specialty recipe


Cook a meal together. Sure, you could just make her breakfast in bed, but she will probably have a lot more fun making it with you. She will love teaching you how to make things! If you have a specialty recipe, go ahead and whip her a dish.

Teach her something you love


Teach her how to do something you like to do. It will be a bonding experience! If you are really into your bullet journal, help her start her own or give her some tips. It will give you time talk about things you like. Moms love when you open up to them!

Mother’s Day is approaching. What are you going to give your mom this year? Tell us in the comments!

Vance Madrid

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