Inexpensive date nights for tired parents

Yes, you’re both tired. But there are still a lot of bills to pay and chores to finish. Life, though, isn’t all about work and responsibilities. Consider, too, that you need to take the time out of your busy schedules to connect as a couple. Book a night out at least once a month; it would do good for your sanity and for your relationship. lines up a few fun yet affordable date night ideas.

Inexpensive date nights for tired parents
Inexpensive date nights for tired parents


Coffee and cake

Date nights aren’t all about a full meal. It wouldn’t hurt to grab a few bites before leaving home and just have coffee, milk tea or tea in a nearby cafe. Pair your drinks with a slice of your favorite cake.

The moment together will give you a lot of time and rediscover each other’s weaknesses and favorites. It is also your alone time for some peace and quiet and discuss future plans or reminisce past events.

On beer and music

You can also opt for a bucket of beer in some local pubs or watering hole. Sing along in the karaoke if there’s available. To save on dinner, eat something at home before you leave.

Sometimes, it is when couples are a little tipsy that they rekindle romances and laugh at problems.

Go bowling

When was the last time you’ve been to a bowling alley? Perhaps once or never. Do something completely out of the ordinary. Give it a try and you wouldn’t believe yourself you could knock down all the pins in one shot or on your second try. But more than all the strikes and spares, surely you will go home loving this new sport.

Coupons and deals

Coupons bring great savings. Subscribe to sites like Metro Deal and Groupons. They bring awesome deals to you via email. Such deals are in the salon, entertainment hubs, restaurants, and other products and services. Just take note of the expiration date and other fine details like not valid on holidays and the like.

Inexpensive date nights for tired parents

When was the last time you went out without any kids in tow? Though it is fun and exciting to have the children with you as you watch movies or dine out, it is equally thrilling to be alone with your spouse once in a while.

So, remember parents. Even when you’re caught up in day-to-day life, squeeze a few hours for you and your spouse for some date nights. It need not always be fab and the talk of the town. Sometimes, cheap and spontaneous dates are the most romantic and cheesy. It is because there are no pretense, no expectations than to have real fun and escape home even for a few hours.

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