India’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals gives hope to Filipinos who need liver transplantation

Liver-related illnesses have always been one of the top causes of death in the Philippines. In the data released by the National Kidney and Transplant lnstitute (NKTl) through the Philippine Cancer Facts and Estimates (c. 2005), they reported that 7,477 Filipinos died of liver cancer for that year alone.


Being the largest internal organ in our body, the liver helps the body digest food, store energy, remove toxins and clear wastes from the blood. It can take some damage and has the ability to regenerate, but there is no way it can help the body when it is already critically damaged. A liver transplant is the only way to address this damage.

One of the sad facts about liver disease is that it can strike children, even those as young as two days old, and we know how expensive the average medical cost of liver-related illness especially for the middle class Filipinos. With the rising cost of medical and health services, and pharmaceutical products in the country, it’s no wonder why many Filipino families seek medical attention in countries like lndia, Taiwan and Thailand where medical and health services are inexpensive.


For the parents of Jermaine Briseis J. Belista, Nathaniel Almajar, and Kalem Asher Lizada, diagnosed with jaundice, biliary atresia with chronic liver disease respectively at such young ages, they found hope at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Delhi for affordable liver transplant.


In the last few years, India’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals with their Apollo Transplant Program has performed several pediatric liver transplantation for several Filipino children. The program also accepts patients from 44 other countries as far as Bolivia, Kenya and Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries Nepal and Pakistan.

During the meet up with Apollo Hospitals and the children who benefitted from the affordable transplant, Apollo’s Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals Group and Senior Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist’s Dr. Anupam Sibal shared how privileged they are to offer hope to babies and children in this country.


Seeing how healthy Jermaine Briseis J. Belista, Nathaniel Almajar, and Kalem Asher Lizada are after their transplants and how happy their parents are, there is indeed hope from many other Filipino patients who will undergo  liver transplants at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. Children should not suffer from diseases like this and even if they are, there is a hospital that can give them hope for affordable liver transplantation.


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