Improve kids’ attention Span

Child development experts attest that children ages four to five years old, on average,  can stay focused on a task for 10-15 minutes only.  This then becomes a concern to both a preschool teacher and a parent. shares ways to boost a child’s attention span, either in school or at home.

Undivided attention

Improve kids' attention Span
Improve kids’ attention Span

If the parent wishes for his little kiddo’s attention, he should be willing to give time as well.   Writing an article due in a few minutes while playing Humpty Dumpty with the toddler is a fruitless effort. The child will demand the full attention thus the parent may either end up irritated, irked or rushing.

What the youngster needs is his parent or teacher’s physical and mental attention.   Be in close proximity then to monitor the kid’s focus and be mentally present as well.

Learn cue signs

Sometimes, a child loses focus because he needs to pee or he feels hungry.   Though a toddler can’t sometimes tell what he needs, he may communicate through his gestures.  A child rubbing his eyes may mean he is already sleepy.  A kid who keeps on touching his diaper might mean he needs to change pads.  It is prudent then that the guardian or parent learn of the child’s cue signs. This solves the youngster’s concern and in no time finish the pending activity.

Gradual introduction

Children absorb information at their own pace.  Sometimes, too much information overwhelms them that they become confused and suddenly lost interest.  In introducing new information or activity, it is better to do it gradually.

If for instance, he needs to learn his ABC, perhaps start with the first letter on the first day and each day, introduce the succeeding letters and sample words.  Remember, a parent or teacher should not rush the little kid.  What is important is he enjoys the lessons and he learns from it.  Being forceful sometimes makes the child lost interest.

Engaging activities

The child’s willingness to stay focused depends on the task or topic.  It is crucial then that the activity presented should be interesting enough to sustain the excitement of the little kiddo.  This all depends on the creativity of the parent or teacher.   It would be helpful as well if the activities are just short yet engaging.   Stimulate the kid’s imagination by introducing new activities.  Avoid monotony.

Exercise patience

Dealing with a toddler or a small child can be quite challenging.  Asking him to finish a worksheet can be extremely draining to both the child and the parent.   It is important to maintain the composure.  Never resort to shouting or nagging. If the guardian or parent feels he is about to lose temper and the child is already distracted, let both take a break.

Improve kids’ attention span

Improve kids' attention Span
Improve kids’ attention Span

There are still a hundred and one ways or even more to teach kids patience and improve their attention span.  Just remember that children are pretty much like adults. They give attention to those who give importance to them.  They cooperate especially if the task is engaging enough.  Lastly, they would be grateful to anyone who extends patience to them the same way adults exercise patience over a traffic situation or long wait in the checkout line of a grocery store.

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