Impressing the Host

Home parties and dinners are part of Filipino holiday festivities. Filipino’s love for food, good conversations, and warm hospitality are always evident and never fade away from generation to generation. Despite the advent of modernization, the basics should never be forgotten. These simple rules that you may follow can keep the feast smooth, memorable and of course, can impress your host as you share good food and fun moments together. has these simple ways to impress the host that can spark a great impression on you when you are invited for lunch or dinner.

First and foremost, to give back and show appreciation of the invite, bring a small token or wine.

Impressing the Host, Feast, Holidays, Christmas, Dinner, Gift
Giving a simple token makes the host feel very much appreciated.

If the host is still preparing for the feast, show that you care by offering your help. In Filipino customs, the host surely tells the guest to sit down and relax. But in case you are given something to do, make sure to do it blissfully. If you are being asked to set the table, always follow the basics.

Impressing the Host, Feast, Holidays, Christmas, Dinner, Table Setting
Know the basics of table setting because you’ll never know when to use the knowledge.

Practice good manners. Start eating only when everybody is seated and has food. Never talk and laugh with a full mouth. If a table napkin is available, put it on your lap and refrain from placing your elbows on the table. Be a good conversationalist and it starts with having good listening skills.

Impressing the Host, Feast, Holidays, Christmas, Dinner
Have fun and be yourself responsibly. Always practice good manners and right conduct.

If someone asks you to pass something like rice, salt, or any viand, it is improper and rude to use it before giving it.

Informal foods like burgers, fries, pizza, tacos, nachos, veggies and fruits without sauce or dressing, chips, and cookies should be eaten using your fingers. If they are greasy, use your utensils.

Impressing the Host, Feast, Holidays, Christmas, Dinner, Finger Foods
Use your fingers when eating finger foods unless they are greasy.

When everyone’s finished, help clear the table.  It shows that you want your host to have lesser things to fix.

It pays to be mindful of what the host wants by taking cues or further instructions the way they want things to be done. Just be yourself in a socially acceptable way and enjoy! To sum it all up, never focus on just to impress alone but also to establish a long-lasting relationship.

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