Why is it Important to Unplug from Technology


“Technology helps us stay in touch, but it can never replace love, hugs, and tender concern.”

Technology is no longer a rare experience nowadays. You are at a family gathering, and you receive a text message that demands an immediate reply. Or you are on a weekend out-of-town jaunt with friends, and your Blackberry rings with an urgent summons from your boss. It’s sometimes tragic how our lives can no longer ever be our own. But whose fault is it? Ever since you surrendered your privacy to technology, it gained – or rather, received – the power to reach you whenever and wherever you are. Mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, e-mails, YahooMessenger, Google Buzz, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Skype. You made it possible for all your contacts to connect to you at any given time and to regularly keep everyone in your network up-to-date on your activities.

Today’s technology makes it possible to never be out of touch even when you are out of the office doing field work. Thank technology for unending connection to your family and friends. Blame technology when you finally wake up to the reality that you are working 24/7. Technology lessens the need for personal interaction. “Communication among friends and family members become impersonal ad indirect—(because of) the fast-paced way of communicating. Now, when teenagers go out with their friends, they no longer seek their parents’ permission in person. They will just text their dad or mom to say that they’ll be going out or will be home late.


Technology not only affects the way you interact with your kids, it can also become a dangerous source of distraction. It can make our children less focused in their school assignments. Also, with Play Station Portables (PSPs and computer games, if access to these is not monitored closely, (they) can expose your children to violence early on. Even at times when technology makes life easier, it may leave us less focused on the task at hand. It may add to our stress because of the continuous flow of work even after office hours and our inability to disconnect from time to time. We have to look at all facets of life so we can have an alternative. To survive, we have to be flexible and be able to combine the traditional way with the modern way of doing things. For example, no only should we know how to operate a computer, but we should also know how to use the typewriter or prepare a handwritten letter, especially when there’s no electricity.

In a nutshell, technology may be a gift but it depends on how we use them. If we use them properly, for the mere purpose in which it was designed, well and good. But if we tend to overuse them and do evil deeds using technology, it becomes a disadvantage. 

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.