7 Reasons Why “I’m Drunk, I Love You” Will Make You Want To Get Drunk and Fall In Love

We’ve all been there. We have all been in that situation where all it takes is the courage to say I Love You and confess to the one we really love. That is where “I’m Drunk, I Love You” takes flight. It’s a story about a girl who’s secretly in love with his best friend for seven years. Days before their graduation, they take on a road trip to a music festival by the beach where she finally reveals it all.

This is a film that will make you cry and laugh at the same time and make you feel bitter and curse at love. It’s a tale about friendship and the love that comes in between sandwiched in arts and poetry drowned in beer. It celebrates both the beauty and pain of falling in love and if that’s not enough, we listed down seven reasons why you need to watch I’m Drunk, I Love You. Because seven years baks. Seven years.

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1. It’s Maja and Paulo.

Nuff said. Who doesn’t love the combination of the sweet funny girl Maja Salvador and of course the—as Jason Ty played by Dominic Roco would put it—kanin-na-lang-ang-kulang Paulo Avelino? The chemistry of the two is overflowing in the film. Although it is far from the heavy scenes which the two normally portrays, the way they played their characters is simply natural. It’s light but goes straight to the feels.

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2. It will make you want to go on a roadtrip. Right now.

After watching the film, you’ll find yourself wanting to go straight to La Union, grab some ice cold beer paired with butterball and get drunk. That 10-hour drive is definitely worth it.

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3. Because Bagnet.

We can’t help but do their bagnet dance. It’s hilarious. Simply because bagnet. Bagnet, bagnet bagnet!

4. There’s no major plot twist.

One thing that you’ll love about this film is its honesty. It portrays love as it is: simple yet complex. The only plot twist in the film is when Pathy-with-an-h (Jasmine Curtis) reveals that she’s the ex of Dio (Paulo Avelino) although that’s already a given. However, the lack of plot twist is what makes the film great. There are no third-party stories and gimmicks leaving the film as raw as possible. It’s straightforward and leaves us with a story that everyone can relate to.

5. It’s funny. It’s sad.

I’m Drunk, I Love You is a roller coaster of emotions, something that one feels when he is in love. It’s genuine portrayal of love will make you remember the first time you confessed or the last time you made stupid decisions. Although the lines delivered throughout the movie were not as strong compared to other films which revolves on the same theme like “That Thing Called Tadhana”, you’ll definitely find yourself clinging to the characters’ words.

I'm Drunk I Love You

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6. Happy Horse for the Happy Whore.

Admit it, we’ve all done this. Isang shot pa! Tagay pa! The scene where Carson (Maja Salvador) and Jason (Dominic Roco) tries to get drunk will bring us all the feels. After all, beer is a brokenhearted man’s best friend.

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7. The music.

The soundtrack of the film elevates it to a new level. It’s heartbreaking. When Carson played “Huling Gabi” (originally by Juan Miguel Severo), it was just painful. The film features the music of indie and up-and-coming artists such as Juan Miguel Severo, Kai Honasan, Shirebound and Busking and Ang Bandang Shirley, a proof that OPM is never dead.

BONUS: It’s a story about graduation.

The film is centered on graduation and its metaphors. Carson and Dio are both students whose about to graduate after seven years in college. But more than that, it’s a film about freeing yourself from the love that’s holding you back —a graduation from love and life.

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“I’m Drunk, I Love You” is now showing in cinemas around the country. For a list of cinemas and screening times, check out their official Facebook page here.

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