iFLIX and Kris Aquino

It seems that Kris Aquino has found a more productive way of dealing with the traffic and this comes in the form of iFlix. When Kris Aquino is stuck in traffic, she just watches one of the many episodes that she downloaded on her mobile phone and instead of getting angry at the traffic, she catches up on her soap opera to while away the time.


Kris Aquino is the newest brand ambassador for iFlix. This partnership is a match made in heaven because Kris is able to catch up on her Filipino sopas because what sets iFlix apart from the competition is the multitude of Filipon movies and soap operas that you can find on it.

iFlix also boasts of being able to recommend the Top 200 films per genre. iFlix offers not just Filipino soap operas and films, they have Korean and English movies as well as TV shows. They also have kids shows, sports, and even documentaries.

Another feature that iFlix has is the Playlist collection where people can follow other people’s playlist and see what they like and recommend. This is a great way to know more about your favorite celebrities or event the person you are crushing on if they have an iFlix playlist.

kris aquino iflix

The “Queen of All Media”, Kris, from a very young age captured the hearts of Filipinos from being a teen star in the 90’s to one of the Philippine;s most iconic public figure today.

Utilizing her experience and expertise in the industry, Kris will also serve as advisor for iFlix. She is set to play a key role in developing projects for iFlix original productions as the international brand continues to get a hold of the market year-in, year-out.

“We are extremely honored to welcome yet another well-loved Philippine icon to the iFlix family. With numerous successful movies and TV programs in the Philiippines and overseas, Kris has indeed proven she is a world-class act. She will be instrumental in strenthening our local presence in the Philippines, as well as driving the shift of consumption of entertainment from linear platforms to online,” shares Sherwin dela Cruz, iFLix Philippines Country Manager.
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