How to Identify User-Friendly Persons

He smiles too much when you are together yet he frowns as much when you are at his back.  This is how he treats you.  A person you consider a friend and remains a friend until you’re needed.  He is called a user-friendly animal because he prefers to be picked up rather than meet you up.  He calls you even in the wee hours of the morning to ask something urgent and yet answers your queries a day or two after your call.  He loves you best when you share even half of your cake while he keeps his share from you.

How to Identify User-Friendly Persons
How to Identify User-Friendly Persons

How to detect such kind of individual?  PSST.Ph runs down ways to identify and eventually avoid user-friendly persons.

How to identify user-friendly persons?

A user- friendly person is not interested in you

Conversing with you is an effort.  He starts a conversation because he needs something. What interests him is your answers to his questions and not on what you want to share.  He seems to be listening but in reality, he is only waiting for you to shut up.  He is also good at cutting you off and introduces a new topic.

A user-friendly person does not give sincere favors

Asking a favor from a sucker friend takes hours or days to happen.  He is good at brushing off your request or has a canned response, “later, promise” until you forgot about it.  Worst, he is good at acting like you didn’t ask for anything.  However, he is not ashamed to ask favors from you, and he wants it done ASAP. After a done favor, he seldom thanks you.  If he does, he does not sound too sincere.

A user-friendly person loves giving fake excuses

He can be so selfish he can cancel meetings even at the last minute.  Giving lame excuses like “my mom suddenly requested me to look after my little brother” is his usual gameplan.

A user-friendly person sees you as a spare tire
How to Identify User-Friendly Persons
How to Identify User-Friendly Persons

He usually calls you when he is bored and can’t think of others to bother.  He will invite you to gimmicks or events not because he enjoys your company but rather, he just does not want to be alone.  Also, you have the car to drive him or you can easily buy a juice and even a snack should he teases you.

A user-friendly person finds it hard to give compliments

Often, a self- centered individual acknowledges you as a likable person yet finds it hard to compliment you.  He would love to hear, though, you complimenting him instead.   He believes he deserves the compliment more than you do.

A user-friendly person takes more than he gives

He can easily withdraw and distance himself from you.  Rest assured though he will show up again when he needs something from you. Remember, he only uses the friendship to his advantage.

He loves you best when you have something for him.  He finds time to meet you to get those snacks and knick-knacks you bought from your vacation. He can be real stingy with good things.

A user-friendly person loves to befriend powerful individuals
How to Identify User-Friendly Persons
How to Identify User-Friendly Persons

Because he is a sucker for fame, he sticks with the powerful and the famous.  He sees himself as one when around them.  Though he seldom invests on relationships, he makes sure to be in one if it would advance him to what he considers as stardom.  He could choose to cease his friendship with you anytime if he finds his connection with the other one will bring him to pedestal.

A user-friendly person loves talking about his connections

It greatly pleases him to talk about his powerful friends though he isn’t close to any of them.  He gives an impression of knowing a lot of people though when you listen to his narratives, you find them too superficial.

User-Friendly Persons

Stay away from user-friendly individuals. As soon as you detected their parasitic tendencies, get out.   The kind of dependence they offer is not healthy at all.  They can be real draining.

You deserve somebody better who will not take advantage of you.  User-friendly individuals bring more harm than good so never allow them in your life unless the feeling they got from you is mutual.

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