Ideal Vegetable Bases for Juices

We all like juice. Whether it be a fresh fruit juice or prepared from a pack, they are all refreshing and delightful to drink. These days, with the rising number of food-related diseases, more millennials are becoming aware of the foods and drinks they intake. This is why juices are made healthier and prepared in ways to best preserve their nutrients and health benefits.

Vegetables as Bases for juices

Juices are best made with fresh ingredients. Some juices are made from a single fruit or vegetable, but they can be mixed together for a burst of various flavors and nutrients. Most have little or no idea that vegetables are also great as juices. They provide the same amount of nutrients when eaten fresh and raw.

While there is no hard-and-fast rule on making juices, there are vegetables that actually blend well with other fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the vegetables we can make as base for juicing.


One of the best choice for base is carrots because they blend well with almost all fruits and vegetables. Carrots taste especially sweet when juiced.


Called the king of leafy vegetables, spinach has the least bitter taste of all. Its nutritional benefits make it a very good base for a healthy juice.


Though not the sweet-tasting kind, celery still goes well with other fruits and vegetables. Choose the fresh, firm ones for more nutrients.


Watery yet delicious, cucumber is a delicious addition to any fruit and vegetable juice. Because it is readily available in the market, it is a convenient choice for a base.

Vegetables as Bases for juices
Health Mag

This leafy green is not as easily available in the market as spinach, but it has a longer shelf life. It is rich in vitamins C, A, and K. If you are susceptible to intestinal discomfort, kale may not be ideal for you because it can cause gas, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Start with small amounts.

Bok choy

This watery cruciferous vegetable contains electrolytes and antioxidants.

Most of these vegetables are prepared freshly with a juicer or blender. You can add up a little or no sugar to suit your palate. There are more wonderful vegetables you can try at home and you can personally discover ways on how you could make the best vegetable juice for you. Try these awesome vegetables as juice and continue living a healthy life.

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