How to Regain Intimacy


With the modern technology we have nowadays, it’s difficult to regain human touch or intimacy among families, friends and even those in relationships. shares some simple tips on how to regain human intimacy:

Surprise with snail mail. Every once in a while, write a letter to a loved one or a friend. Because e-mail is fast, common, and convenient, nobody writes actual letters anymore. It shows how important your loved ones and friends are to you if you send them letters and cards on their birthdays and special occasions.

Limit your online social life. Twitter and Facebook may be addicting, but you can decide to be offline for a certain number of hours – at least, until you complete a certain task, fulfill an obligation, or finish an errand.

Turn it off when on vacation. Reading your messages constantly while on vacation will affect the quality of your mental and physical rest. The messages you receive may affect your mood, make you think endlessly about work, and cause you further stress.

When you get home from the office, put your smart phone on “Phone Only”mode so you don’t get sidetracked by e-mail messages that come in after the day’s working hours. Want to disconnect temporarily? Set your phone to “Silent Mode”.

Lose it on weekends. Trying to spend quality tie with your family during weekends? Turn off your ringer and let all your calls go to voicemail. You will still get your messages. Better yet, “lose” your iPhone or Samsung S8 every weekend.  Nothing will ever be as important as your family and your time with them. You can always return calls when the workweek starts again.

Finish projects on time and establish a “me” time. Leave no unfinished business in the office at the end of the workweek or before your vacation.  Make a pact with your family designating every weekend as family time. Turn off all home computers and cell phones and take only family or friends’ calls through your landline. Schedule outside activities for the whole family: movies, sports, fun runs, day trips out-of-town. You are sure to miss technology less and less after every family no –calls-no computers weekend.

Vance Madrid

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